serious single track
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Thread: serious single track

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    serious single track

    just came across this vid.

    dang, where does a trail like this come from?
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    That makes me want to barf
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    Looks like a hiking trail that hasn't seen much traffic in a few years. People are probably afraid to walk on it, too dangerous.
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    Holy crap! From the video perspective the handle bars should be digging into the side of the hill.
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    Damn.. That looks like where Hannibal crossed the Alps...
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    LOL, I've seen this one before. I try to stay away from stuff that extreme; it's just not worth it. That single track itself is fairly easy... But when it's death upon the slightest mistake, it isn't for me.

    Here's something similar if you like heart-attack-inducing YouTube videos:

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    Great find Sponge, had me wondering how you say "Can we turn around now?" in German.
    Herre is one for the mouton biking crowd:
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    Ok..This is it!! You kids quit playing in my driveway!! The U.P.S. driver said she is tired of getting stuck behind you slow pokes and the guy driving the Yellow Frieght truck said He was held up an extra hour waiting for you jack holes!
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    I could do it if I HAD to....not for sport...I am too old for that shit! Them boys do got big ol stones.
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    This type of reckless stunts piss me off. They go out there and risk there life and when they fall expect a helicopter rescue team to save there ass. Putting other lives at risk. I say if you want to throw away your life go ahead just don't expect others to come to your aid. Dead or alive I would let them rot where they lay.
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