Zero 2016 Lineup includes two new models. One of them is and Adventure version!
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Thread: Zero 2016 Lineup includes two new models. One of them is and Adventure version!

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    Zero 2016 Lineup includes two new models. One of them is an Adventure version!

    However, before you get your checkbook out or credit card warmed up, be aware of the ever nasty sticker shock. Clearly, these bikes are not meant for over the road adventure travels. They do offer some unique features that are very appealing. I will ride one in the weeks to come and post my impressions. says:
    " Also introduced is an all-new Z-Force motor, the Z-Force IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet), Zero claims is more efficient, faster to cool and boasts a higher thermal capacity. What this means in the real world is the ability to ride it harder for longer and sustain higher top speeds. The following 2016 models will come equipped with the updated motor: Zero DSR, Zero SR, Zero FXS, Zero S ZF13.0 and Zero DS ZF13.0."

    The Zero DSR and FX models are my personal favs. DSR has decent range, 179 miles, but the FX looks like a competent off-road machine with real suspension and brakes unlike earlier models.
    2016_zero-ds_product-page_dsr-image_15597.jpg 2016_zero-fx_product-page_overview-image_15597.jpg

    Zero DS Electric Motorcycle - Specs || ZERO MOTORCYCLES

    Zero FX Electric Motorcycle || ZERO MOTORCYCLES

    They are in Orlando this weekend at the AIMExpo (October 16-18th) if you happen to be in the neighborhood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VintageGW View Post
    DSR has decent range, 179 miles
    179 miles is not decent range for an adventure motorcycle.

    It's low even if all you had to do was spend a couple of minutes filling up before you could get going again.

    Electric bikes make a certain kind of sense for trials, drag racing, and even MX/enduro racing, but electric technology and infrastructure has a very very long way to go before it's a viable option for touring.
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    The Yamaha dealer I bought my TW from, also has a Zero franchise. They were offering no-obligation test rides; and I asked the sales manager if he'd have a problem. Knowing I wouldn't be buying that day.

    Sure, he said. It was a slow day there. I expected a toy...but that thing had as much snap as my CB1100. Before I left, the sales guy told me to leave it in ECON at first, since it really could toss a rider.

    I don't doubt it. I had it over 70, in a very short distance. PLENTY of oomph.

    The range is a real problem; but for an around-town scooter, it seems entirely practical. And when you take the mechanical maintenance that you do NOT have, out of the becomes almost cost-effective, too.
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    Very interesting.
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