ATV advice for a wife that wishes to tag along with the TW
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Thread: ATV advice for a wife that wishes to tag along with the TW

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    ATV advice for a wife that wishes to tag along with the TW

    Looking to get some advice for a good starter ATV for trail riding as my wife is looking to join me in the future on some of my trips. I think a 2wd would be fine and at least an auto clutch is mandatory. Up till last year she had never even driven a go cart let alone anything else and prolly would be put off by learning clutch control.

    Trails I tend to ride are either sandy groomed almost mx track like trails or slow speed rocky technical stuff. She is of shorter stature 5'5 and not of fragile dimensions lol. But being as I not exactly blazing along trails on my TW we were thinking a 250 class sporty quad may work ok for her though in all honesty short of quick rides after fixing friends quads I have Zero experience with them.

    Money is limited so budget is only about $3000 Canadian.

    Just wondering if the group here have much ATV experience and could offer any advice

    Bikes we been looking at are Honda TRX250ex, Honda Recon, and Can Am DS250. Looked at a TRX250X yesterday and that fit her very well. And looked like fun for me too in the event I don't want a mid trail nap the TW and me seem to so enjoy lol.
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    If your looking for used its hard to beat a Honda 300 Fourtrax. They have been around for years so getting parts and service advice is easy. They are also like the Dub simple and rock solid. Your not going jump off a ten foot
    cliff with one but as your wife is a newbie I think it would be a very good choice.

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    My wife has a Polaris 330 Trail Boss that rides smooth and has a real comfortable seat. Forward, neutral, reverse stick shift and the front and rear brakes are operated from 1 hand lever. The only minus is that it has chain final drive but it does come with an O-ring style chain. I've only had to adjust it once since we've had it, 9yrs. It even has a key start just like a car. Should be able to pick up a used one within your budget.
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    We have no experience in the 2 wheel drive ATV's. We use the 4x4 ATV's. One is automatic and the other is I guess semi auto shifting. It has push button shifting but no clutch. just let off the gas and shift.

    No matter the model, the automatic is the funniest as you never have to worry about shifting. Well, except into low or reverse when you need too!
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    Good Idea for a post.

    With a shed full of garden tractors equipped with push blades and snow blowers, a full leg cast, and a forecast of 6-10" this weekend, it recently occurred to my wife (who does not know how to operate), "How am I (wife) going to clear the drive?"

    I do have a 1991 300 Honda Fourtrax. It is a tank (I think they overbuilt the first / early ones), but has a sloppy gear shifter that most inexperienced riders cannot find first gear, let alone neutral or reverse. And no blade.

    A quick run through on CraigsList, I found a 2004 Yamaha 350 Bruin that a indie shop had and they said it could be equipped with a blade for a bit more.

    I called and felt him out (all I can do being homebound) and got a good feel. I sent a buddy who owns a fleet service down to give it a shakedown. He said it was ok, so I told the guy I'd do it.

    JUST after I did that, a 2007 400 Honda Rancher popped up for $300 less ($1,500, but still no blade). I researched and researched as I am a big Honda fan (the Big Red ATC is maybe the best machine ever made IMO), but still am glad to have gone with the Yammie.

    Console shift CVT automatic transmission

    Push button 4 wheel drive

    Dealer installed, made for Yamaha by Warn, winch.

    A bit lighter built than the Rancher (not planning on heavy towing), I am thinking that it will be a good combo of work and sport quad after winter with blade dropped.

    Both are rock solid machines with a long and proven track record of reliability and low maintenance, and the Honda was a bit cosmetically prettier, I just wanted a bit more "sport". (speaking of sport - anyone wanting more fun than you can stick in your pocket, two words, Yamaha Blaster )

    The Yamaha is has a bit higher center of gravity, so it is a little more tippy in corners, but again, I wanted a little more fun factor for future trail riding.

    There is NOTHING wrong with the 300 Honda FourTrax, just be sure to get a bit later one that you can disengage the front drive. The full time 4x4 ones will climb a tree, but being locked in full time, they are hard to steer and will wear her (your wife) out after a while.

    I don't think you can go wrong with any of the smaller Yamahas or Hondas. Decent power, just enough not to pull themselves apart, but all you need for FUN .....and fuel efficient!

    You do Not need 600-800cc's....(just my opinion). Everybody nowadays wants these, so the smaller ones can be had for fairly cheap.
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    I would suggest a 4wd model, if for no other reason than they'll probably be easier to find.

    The Hondas are a good choice. Look for the "ES" model (electric shift) which gives the pushbutton shifting on the left handlebar.

    Yamahas are also good, as they will likely be fully automatics. Anything 300cc on up from any brand should be good. There really is no such thing as a bad quad anymore. Just don't buy a Chinese POS. Get one of the name brands.

    Oh... look for one of the ones that sits closer to the ground. You give up ground clearance but it'll make up for it in stability. One of the major mistakes noobs make with quads is forgetting that those things WILL roll over, and if they do, it's gonna hurt.
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    If you look at a TRX-350 Rancher with electric shift. Check it very well. The first ones has problems that where taken care of on later models.
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    The Honda trx 250 recon is the best ATV that we ever had,it is easy to handle, light weight, powerful enough to tag along with the TW. We rode it in AZ and went everywhere the big 4 WD ATV's could go and then some. The recon is the TW of ATV's.
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    I have a 2005 Yamaha Kodiak 450 and love it. It's a nice companion to my recently purchased TW. It's heavy and un-sporty but it's a lot of fun and very capable and go-anywhere. I'm usually in 2wd but use 4wd for the gnarlier climbs. This vintage would probably be near the high end of your price range.
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    Hands down Honda Recon 250 or Rancher 350.
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