Tracked Motorcycles
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Thread: Tracked Motorcycles

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    Tracked Motorcycles

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    Wow, lots of cool stuff in that link!! Thanks for sharing bro!
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    As some here may know, I like to restore classic Honda CT90 Trail 90 motorcycles. Here's one I came across one time while gleaning through a bone yard;
    I didn't buy it because I just didn't see how a CT90 could pull it off on flat ground, let alone a hill. If I do run across another, I'm gonna grab it up and try it on a TW200

    Here's one in action. I am unimpressed. However, wouldn't it be cool to fit it to a TW200?

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    Senior Member phelonius's Avatar
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    I'll just be happy with my Rokon. At least it can have a license plate. If I want something with tracks, I'll put them under my wheelchair.
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    Senior Member brushhippie's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
    Like the bicycle with the single track running directly under your what could possibly go wrong? I will stick to the tracks on the D4...put the TW on the
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    Neat stuff!
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    Senior Member Ricklesss's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    Dexter, OR
    I've long wanted to make a Frankenstein snow bike just to play on.
    Thought about using the track assembly off of an old (OLD!) Arctic Cat kid's snowmobile called a "Kitty cat".
    Never actually seen one in real life though, just photo's. Sort of like that CT-90 track assembly...
    I'd buy one of those too, if I ever found one!
    Playing in the snow is fun!
    RicklesssS in Oregon
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    Sep 2015
    I think if I need to go in the snow that bad, I'm getting a snow machine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iowegian View Post
    I think if I need to go in the snow that bad, I'm getting a snow machine!

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    But the fun...

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