New DR-650 pipe
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    New DR-650 pipe

    New DR-650 pipe. DR650 '96-Current on Procycle.

    No repacking required! The LeoVince X3 Enduro is made with TIG welded stainless steel internals and aluminum outer shell. It features a semi-direct chamber design that is maintenance free. It's quiet too! Our own in-house testing showed a 84dB sound level using the USFS J1287 testing procedure. 84dB is louder than stock but significantly quieter than any other aftermarket muffler. It includes a certified Spark-Arrestor.

    ! Available March 2016! This is a listing for advance orders. Order now and you will get one from the first production batch. Sale price applies to advance orders. Once we have them in stock the price will go back up.

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    Nice... what's the price? Not that I need one; I have the GSX-R1000 pipe on mine.
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    Pre-order price is $410, regular price will be $450.

    It does include the midpipe, removable sparky screen and three (3!) inserts, on quite, and two larger performance pieces.
    With sparky screen and quiet insert it is very quiet, barely louder than stock.
    We are waiting to hear how it sounds with all three insert options.

    An excellent option for the DR.
    I am very happy with my GSXR 750 can so I won't be on the list, but if I was shopping it would be the one for me.
    No repacking!


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