Rokon legal at last
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Thread: Rokon legal at last

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    Rokon legal at last

    After a month and a half of emails, snail mails, phone calls, personal visits, and all the dead ends, my Rokon at last wears a license plate and safety sticker.
    Photo is in front of ,my favorite coffee house in Hawi up on the cold frozen northern tip of the big island in the dead of winter during the coldest days of the year.
    Phelonius himself in the saddle with portable wheelchair in the hack. I have been in shakedown mode all day going back to my garage to make small adjustments to things that need it. The sidecar wheel rim is full of water to help ballast the hack. You sidecar pilots will understand about that. When I first took it out it pulled strongly to the right and looking down I could see that the front wheel was not pointed in the same direction as the bike frame. I put more air into the tires, ( they are now slightly more than 10 psi ), and began making alignment adjustments to the rear wheel. It is better now but still pulls a little to the right. I will try adjusting the front wheel next. There is no adjustment for the sidecar wheel, nor any lean in lean out adjustment on the machine. I have to hope that front and back wheel adjustments are enough. I have had it up to 34 MPH now on level and it is twitchy because of short wheelbase and very light weight. As the engine breaks in it might go faster but I don't care. Every thing is 35 MPH speed limit around here anyway. Any cop who tickets me will look foolish in court as the machine is not capable of speeding. It is not nearly as relaxing as my 750 Honda with sidecar because of the quick steering and light weight. After I become accustomed to riding it I will try some of the rugged jeep trails. That will be in another report.


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    Congratulations on your perseverance and victory over the DMV department of brain death!

    Looks like a nice setup that you have there and hopefully it will meet your needs offroad as well.

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    That looks like the greatest "get out of the house gimmick" I have seen in a long time. ENJOY!!!

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    If you've had a car before, you know that they will always pull to one side or the other depending on your speed. The idea is to have it adjusted so that at your most frequently driven speed, that it tracks straight. So, that means that it will naturally pull one way or the other if you are going slower than that or faster than that. The front wheel in time will get a little pointy too, since it is always having to be one way or the other slightly except at that perfect speed you have it dialed in for. Hope that makes sense.
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    Love it. Check out those leading link forks.
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    Congrats on beating DMV!! Sounds like the Rokon is going to work out well for you!

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    Congratulations on bearing the DMV. I'm sure you will get a lot of enjoyment from working on it as well as cruising around in it. New projects are vey satisfying. Enjoy.


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    So if you go out to some of the beach parks, or explore the rougher pot-holed coastal roads do you bicycle the hack for a smoother ride, or always keep three wheels in contact?42421778.jpg
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    Weather and bike are very nice.

    Hope you enjoy your Rokon happily and safely.
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    Okay off to the coffee mill to show off the new toy. Note the cold frigid winter here.

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