Should I get it ? Found an older BMW R60/5
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Thread: Should I get it ? Found an older BMW R60/5

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    Should I get it ? Found an older BMW R60/5~ I GOT IT ! ! !

    While at work today I walked the rear of the lot of a row of buildings my bosses own, At the rear of the low where it backs up to row homes I noticed this row home with the missing walls,
    And in the yard I spied with my eye an early 70s BMW R60/5 bike just rotting away,
    Heres the fun part,
    I just rebuilt the engine for my R60/5 last fall and am getting the bike on the road this summer,
    So this bike is just sitting there and I would hate to see it go to the scrap yard,
    I feel like I have to go there and rescue it for at least a parts bike,
    Its about 10' from where I can pull up in the parking lot,
    Is it ok to get?
    I feel like it needs to be rescued from Mr Scrappy.
    Your thoughts?Attachment 28406Attachment 28407
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Well guys,
    I didnt call the police and look for the owner of an abandoned house that looks like a scene from "Saving Private Ryan" ,,,,
    I swung by this morning in my truck,
    Backed to this handy dandy stub wall, Popped the bike off its main stand and rolled it the 30' to my truck,
    Strapped it in and took pics the whole time, I took about 30 pics of the event,.
    Ill get a pic of the same year bike that I own and add it to the post,
    This bike is parts only unless I can get the engine to run without investing too much time or money,
    I have a battery and gas line and spark plug wires and misc parts from owning a similar bike for years, ! !
    Ill be tucking this one inside later today,
    It will be the first time this bike has rested indoors in I bet 3 decades or more,
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    RESCUED ! ! ! !!
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    I think you should take it. You will do it some good!
    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

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    I have been on the lookout for an older airhead project bike like this one.

    I would guess that this bike may have been abandoned by it's owner. If that is the case you may have difficulty getting it registered and back on the road.

    If you are able locate the owner and can get a title for it, and can get it for little or no cost, I would definitely do it. If you can't locate the owner or any paperwork, this bike definitely has value as a parts bike since you have a similar model.

    I agree that this bike deserves being rescued from the scrapyard, its still got some pretty good bones!

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    RESCUE! Please rescue. Salvage title/abandoned title/Vermont title? Rebuild title? I dunno, but these are cool bikes. Make it your side car tug. Don't think anyone on here would say let it go to Mr. Scrappy.
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    Rescue that bike immediately!
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    Senior Member pred's Avatar
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    I agree
    I can get early next week,
    While I don't think I have an interest in restoring it,
    I have negative feelings of leaving it there to rot.
    Ill get some good pics for you all when I recover it,!
    As well as pics of my other bikes,

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    Never mind restoration!
    Get it running and enjoy it for what it is.

    You can't restore them all, but you sure can ride them all.

    Life is oh so very short. And bikes make it better.
    Kinda like beer.
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    Are we using the terms "rescue/recover" here as substitutes for "steal" ? If so I bet you can do it the honest way by making the owner an offer.
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    If it's on your bosses property, you at least need to ask him.
    That's not a collectible model...part that sucka out on eBay!
    But run the VIN before you take may be stolen.
    Of course it will be stolen anyway if you take it.
    There may be a legal method to claim it if is legally if it is "abandoned"
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