Rescued the BMW R60/5 this morning ~ Glad I did !
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Thread: Rescued the BMW R60/5 this morning ~ Glad I did !

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    Rescued the BMW R60/5 this morning ~ Glad I did !

    Well guys,
    I didnt call the police and look for the owner of an abandoned house that looks like a scene from "Saving Private Ryan" ,,,,
    I swung by this morning in my truck,
    Backed to this handy dandy stub wall, Popped the bike off its main stand and rolled it the 30' to my truck,
    Strapped it in and took pics the whole time, I took about 30 pics of the event,.
    Ill get a pic of the same year bike that I own and add it to the post,
    This bike is parts only unless I can get the engine to run without investing too much time or money,
    I have a battery and gas line and spark plug wires and misc parts from owning a similar bike for years, ! !
    Ill be tucking this one inside later today,
    It will be the first time this bike has rested indoors in I bet 3 decades or more,
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    RESCUED ! ! ! !! r601.jpgr602.jpgr604.jpgr603.jpg
    I didnt see any reason to NOT get this relic,
    Its been sitting since about 1992, Its rusty and IF a trolling scrapper saw it, It would be gone all the same.
    I can use the side covers for the identical bike I own and rebuilt the engine last year, This poor bike deserved to be rescued from the SLUMs of Philadelphia Pa from the back of a falling down house not sited to be torn down by the city sometime in the next 5 years,
    Look at the back wall of the house ! Do you think the owner would want to be contacted? I doubt it,!
    Ill get a pic of my receintly rebuilt steed and post it soon,
    Still gas in tank ! ! !
    Peter B
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    Love them old beemers. O yeah.
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    If it is a Beemer, then tickle the carbs and kick it twice to start..........By the way in what year did they go with a normal choke on them ?????????OMM.
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    Wow. How sad.
    Glad you rescued it!
    Really glad none of the neighbors shot you during the rescue.
    That looks like a rough neighborhood.
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    The guys I work for own lots of properties in that area and typically if you're not selling or buying drugs you're pretty safe,
    Odd thing is,
    in the 10 min it took to take all the pics, Load it up and and strap it down, Not a soul even paid us any mind,
    Bet all the copper was pulled out of the house years ago.
    The stainless steel side covers will have a home on my 1972 Euro spec R60/5 !
    Peter B

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