Street legal 2016 Montessa-Honda trials bike (kind of, but probably not really...)!
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Thread: Street legal 2016 Montessa-Honda trials bike (kind of, but probably not really...)!

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    Street legal 2016 Montessa-Honda trials bike (kind of, but probably not really...)!

    Well, okay, I don't think Honda is actually going to sell this model in North America, sadly...but it would be nice!

    I just thought I'd share this because I'll be super stoked if something like this is ever actually sold in the U.S. Do yourself a favor and mute the audio before watching the second video...

    I sure wish I knew a little mas Espanol para este last video...although it's a pretty cool feeling even knowing about 33% of what's being said if I listen really carefully...haha.

    I don't see why one couldn't store a fuel bladder or something, in that under-seat storage, potentially increasing range to a dual-sport-useable 100+ miles.
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    So another new player.
    X ride, T ride, free ride and now the 4 ride.
    The other bikes were street legal in Europe, but were stripped of their street gear when brought into Canada and a RUM sticker stuck on them.
    KTM did not even try to bring their four stroke version of the free ride here.

    We can only hope Montesa will pay the fees to get them street legal over here.
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    Oooo. Cool! The Want & Covet is strong with that bike.
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    No traction control, no ABS, no air bag and the front wheel keeps coming off the no no you can't have that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterb View Post
    No traction control, no ABS, no air bag and the front wheel keeps coming off the no no you can't have that.
    The 4RT absolutely has the best traction control available on any trials bike available...It is like cheating!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ejfranz View Post
    So another new player.

    Not really new. The Montessa 260 4RT has been around in various flavors for at least 15 years in the US. The current model, both in the US and Canada, comes with the seat shown in the video that has under seat storage. I doubt you could make it street legal in Canada, but there are some states where you can get one of these tagged for road use.

    Trials bikes are a great amount of fun. The skills learned on a trials bike translate into being a much better rider on and off road on a dual sport or street bike. I've been competing in trials for a couple of years, and it's the most fun I've had on a bike.

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    Trials bikes are fun but unless things have changed you can't go over 40MPH with out head shake. Seems the steep fork angle does not like speed.
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    I sure could "respect the environment" as I rode over the top of it.
    A powerful trials/dual sport combo would make a good compromise IMHO.. Thanks KJ.
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