Ask RideApart: A Beginner Bike with ABS?
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Thread: Ask RideApart: A Beginner Bike with ABS?

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    Ask RideApart: A Beginner Bike with ABS?

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    I'm of two minds on this. Having had ABS on three machines now; and having had it save me on pavement (on wet asphalt) I'm a believer.

    But yes. I think before you start relying on safety devices, you need to know how to do it yourself. Autopilot is undoubtedly a nice way to fly a 747; but they don't use it in flight school.

    I'm glad motorcycling is gaining again in popularity. But I REALLY don't like this trend, with kids or wealthy orthodontists or young women with still-sore new tattoos looking to buy the biggest, baddest, Harley or crotch-rocket or R1200GS-Adventure that's out there.


    My own story: I learned to ride on a Yamaha R5C. Moved to an SR500 I bought, new. Put about six thousand on the new machine - and went down. Someone ran a stop sign on a busy two-lane highway in the country.

    That was it - for 20 years. Then, my 50th birthday present to myself...I decided to re-learn how to ride.

    I got a hold of a Virago 250. Now that's a poor choice for a big guy - and I know it now. I had never even sat on a dual-sport - if I had, I'd have been on the TW200 right then. But I just didn't know.

    And I remember riding the 250 home...I wanted training wheels, I was so rusty. For a month, I didn't dare take it up to highway speeds - I felt like I was blowing off, which was impossible given the stepped seat it had.

    I'm recounting this to make a point: A NOOB NEEDS TO START SLOW AND SMALL. I'd think a dealer would do well offering a lease-purchase program or a buyback incentive a small used, then get an agreed value amount back when you're ready for your Dream Ride with all the cubes and all the farkles.

    But that's just me. I've never run a motorcycle dealership.

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    Most new bikes (street) now are coming with ABS regardless of CU IN or CC's. I feel that will be the standard trim or Federally imposed "standard equipment". I am pretty sure non-ABS will be a thing of the past. Just like cars the higher end models were ahead of their time when they came out with it and all others followed suit. Same thing will happen with bikes.

    Maybe not dirt bikes or dual sports because of mud and such jamming the components all up creating another type of braking hazard. But if you think about it front disc brakes are not any different on newer dirt bikes than street bikes so........

    I hated ABS when it first came out and it was not very refined and you knew when it was activated. It was an unpleasant pulsing brake pedal push and a case of the oh chits this thing is not going to stop! The ABS now is hardly noticeable at least in my experience.

    All that PC love said, I think everyone should start out on a 50 CC dirt bike and learn the hard way off road. Then move up. You wipe out and it was probably 100% your fault. Out on the roads one's first serious or deadly wipe out has a very good chance of being the other Jack Wagon's fault.

    Possibly some Gen Y'er or whatever label they are these days creams you because they are too damn busy texting their PC sh!t.......... Probably why they are trying to develop cars that drive themselves because these young idiots have problems tying their shoes and expect everything done for them. Why shouldn't a car baby sit them as well? Scary thought as to how lost these youngsters are these days. I'll end it there.

    No I won't. Maybe this will be another form of disability and these non-motivated helpless tools can sit in an adult day care all day and take the bus there. Or have Mommy drop'em off.

    I'm all for ABS. Might save me one day from a lawsuit when an entitled fool decides to play a video game while walking and stumbles out into the street in front of me oblivious to the 55 MPH road they are wandering into while their nose is crammed into the screen. Of course it wouldn't be their fault........
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