Sportster Thrashing
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Thread: Sportster Thrashing

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    Sportster Thrashing

    LT, please delete this post
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    Aw, get a diesel.
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    I would be embarrassed to ride that smoke bellowing hunk of junk down the road. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopPredator View Post
    I would be embarrassed to ride that smoke bellowing hunk of junk down the road. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
    That's what I thought too!!!
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    Fugly as all get out but I gotta give credit when credit is due. Quite the piece of work! I wonder if there is a wood splitter attachment?

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    love it lol
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    2,417 miles from LT! ;-]
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    So I guess its true, with a good enough partner any pig (hog) can polka.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sponge View Post
    So I guess its true, with a good enough partner any pig (hog) can polka.
    EVIL Knievel loved the Hogs,
    Until you ride the big twins, You cant appreciate the low end grunt just off idle.
    The vid has an Evo engine, All he needed was all under 2000 Rpm and was most likely turning 60 Ft Lbs of torque,
    Evil Knievel did well on those pigs.
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    Big Deal. Lets see Him back flip a full dresser while towing a trailer.
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