Price Check - 77 Champ
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Thread: Price Check - 77 Champ

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    Price Check - 77 Champ

    Hi All.

    I have had this little 80cc Yamaha Champ for about 10-12 years now. It is a 1977 and has an original 268~ miles on it.

    I recently pulled it out of storage and with the cleaning of the carbinator, it starts and runs stong with one kick.

    A little 80cc 2 stroke with an automatic (clutch) 3 speed trans, the thing even has a little powerband

    It is near (not sure if you'll find a nicer one outside of a museum) new condition and needs nothing. Free and clear title and license, ready for the back of an RV; or, personal collection.

    Wondering what your guys' (and gals) opinion on what I should list / ask for it if I put it up for sale.

    Ultimately, I would like to end up with a nice Honda CT90~110. (maybe not, opions on this too please)

    Thank you for looking and Thank you in advance.

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    Over here those things hold their value, especially in original good condition and with low miles on the clock – I’d put it at 1000/1200 here – 1500 US

    The originals are far more collectable than their modern counter-parts – and in that condition, someone with an RV will be beating your door down to get at it

    Sure, you can buy a lot more bike for the money – but something that nice, and that “fun” doesn’t come along often …….
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    People can spend silly money on items they don't have,
    I would not be surprised to see it go $2000-$2500 or more in Ebay,
    Craigslist it will go for far less.
    Just my opinion.
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    Is that a Yamaha Grom?
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    Tough call. CT70's have gotten stupid expensive lately and that may up the price of this slightly rarer Yamaha knock off. Trouble is you may have the only one in that condition. I honestly haven't seen one like that for sale for... well... Ever. Your task is to find that one old guy who had one at 12 years old who wants to remember when.

    So, yeah, umm $500 - $2500
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    Back when I liked the Yamaha over the Honda as it had mo go go being two stroke. Personally, I am a collector rider and avoid selling at all cost until the unit no longer serves me. You'll get some crazy duckets for it. Friend recently sold a comparable Suzuki 50 that was rough but ran good for $500. But he did have to pay me $200 to set up the oil injection and clear up the carburetor.
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    Your Champ is a very nice looking machine. Here is a picture of my last of 3 Honda trail bikes I have owned. Fifteen or so years ago I chained a very nice Honda Trail 70 to a telephone pole alongside a busy road a half block from my house. Bought the 70 at an estate sale. The bike had 600 miles and was the go to machine on the back of a nice motorhome owned by an older couple. The wife rode it a few miles but it was clear, with the small tires and modest suspension, the off pavement ride was punishing for an adult. Think I paid $600 for it and put on 80 miles. When chained to the pole, the sign read $400 or best offer. By the time I walked back to the house there was a message on my machine. The fellow wanted it, no questions. I called back and arranged a meeting back at the pole in a few minutes. When I got to the pole, there were 4 guys standing around. None of them the fellow that called. I indicated that I was waiting for 'Ron', but the bidding began anyway. It took 'Ron' 15 minutes to drive six miles. He indicated that some things came up. I indicated that the offers I had been presented were now up to $700 and I was embarrassed. Ron suggested he called first. Yes, I could not refute that. The others said they had been standing by the bike bidding for 15 minutes. Ron got all pissey, I felt kind of bad, but the guy that bid $700 pulled the cash out his pocket and loaded the machine in the back of his pickup.
    First off, I would say keep your Yamaha. I have owned/rebuilt 3 CT90's. Nice for around town (as would be your Yamaha). In my opinion, they are stoneage machines and the ride is punishing off road for anyone over 47 (
    ). When we were 15 yes, they would be a dream come true. If you are retired and want to revisit an old dream, play with/restore a CT90. Parts are generally easy to come by, but I had to order my connecting rod from Thailand and send the crank to Minnesota to find someone that would/could split the crank and press it back together with the new rod. DR. ATV sells lots of CT stuff at a fair price. Do what you wish, but in my opinion, selling and buying will simply net you nothing more than an opportunity to redirect your time and spend more money. Bought my last CT90 for $550. Spent 2 years and likely $800. getting it to run great, but was so frustrated by that time I sold it to a forum member for I think, $1250.
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