Whats the most you would pay for this?
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Thread: Whats the most you would pay for this?

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    Whats the most you would pay for this?


    Definitely not going to pay $2,500. It is in good condition it appears, but that whole "hasn't ran in 34 years".

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    No more than $750.00. Your going to spend a bunch just getting it back on the road.
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    A shame because if the seller put what looks like a little effort into it and got it running it would be worth the $2500.00 he's asking. Even if it is running bad. A reason it has not been started in years?
    Biggest depreciator is "ran when parked", "lost interest" or "project". Looks like a nice bike for if you really wanted it and had to have it $1000.00. If it's just any bike to you $500.00.
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    $0. It needs a complete going through, many new parts, and many, many hours of work - like a never ending story. Easier to just get one that is up and going or another TW.
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    I have no clue what it's worth, but back in the day, those RD's were very quick. My brother had a '62 Yamaha YDS3????? It was a twin cylinder two stroke 250cc street bike. Must have been the daddy of the RD's.
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    $500 if you love it. Even on the cheap you will have $750 into tires, soft parts, gaskets ect.... then it will be worth $2k.
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    Buy it and put a bunch of TZ parts into the engine. Then scare the crap out of yourself.
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    The 75's were spark plug killers for some reason. A lot of people could never figure out why.
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    If you get wood looking at it, I bet you have it already. Money isn't the point on something like an RD. If you don't
    understand that, walk away and work on your other bikes. Trust me, you can't own em all. Too many bike projects will end
    up with you spending time fixing and not riding. Really you can get by with three motorcycles.
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    In it's day, it was a special bike, it could outrun many bikes twice its size. It's very rare to even see one for sale in any condition.
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