Not a TW, but you'll be the only one on the block with one of these!
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Thread: Not a TW, but you'll be the only one on the block with one of these!

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    Not a TW, but you'll be the only one on the block with one of these!


    1957 Rumi Formichino 125cc

    Very unique scooter with highly advanced design and engineering. Sold as is. Mostly complete with all major original parts, but needs some work. A solid base for a restoration or very groovy custom project. Complete Rumis of this vintage have sold at recent auctions for prices near $10K.

    'Moto Rumi's Formichino scooter is perhaps the one motorscooter respected by motorcyclists -- probably because it can melt the paint off many 250cc motorcycles of the era with its amazing horizontal two-cylinder two-stroke 125cc engine.' -- Dregni & Dregni, Illustrated Motorscooter Buyer's Guide.

    A masterpiece of scooter design, Rumi's Formichino (Little Ant) arrived in 1954 and progressed via Normale and Lusso versions to the Sport and Bol d'Or racer. Its rivals might have been designed with cheapness and simplicity in mind but Donnino Rumi started from engineering first principles with the Formichino, using the engine as a stressed member of the chassis, which was made up from aluminium castings bolted together. Out of production since the company's closure in 1962, the Formichino is today one of the most highly sought-after of all scooters.

    It features twin aluminium alloy cylinders with chromium-plated bores. The entire body (with exception of the front forks, crash rails and legshields) was produced in cast aluminium, with the front and rear castings bolted to the engine to form a monocoque which resulted in a light and rigid construction. The rear swinging arm, chaincase and silencer box were also constructed in cast aluminium.

    1957 Rumi Formichino 125 Scooter - super cool collectable - video!

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    Wow, that would be a great chick magnet! I can almost picture Fonzie on that.
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    Awesome find Brian. Thanks for sharing
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