Here’s an Idea: Give Special Forces Some Flying Motorcycles
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Thread: Here’s an Idea: Give Special Forces Some Flying Motorcycles

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    Here’s an Idea: Give Special Forces Some Flying Motorcycles

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    This ain't new. Haven't you seen any of the Star War Movies?

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    Flying motorcycles??????

    Can I have some of those mushrooms?
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    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

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    Makes me think of the jet bikes in the old jet moto games and that movie, the island.
    Or the Pal-v from Carver:

    Sorry, I do t know how to embed a video.
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    These things have been around ever since the future. image.jpegimage.png

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    Had he had his body at a lower place it would be a lot more stable. If it ever got over sideways it would sure be a fast decent.
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    Heck, who needs a hover bike when one can just go flying after Plumbstraight?

    We only caught up with him 'cause Plumbstraight stopped to rescue a tarantula from middle of the road.
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    Was a fun ride. Great seeing so many of those hairy creatures. I noticed that there was no way to get away from Miss Betty B.
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