Why not an XT250?
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Thread: Why not an XT250?

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    Why not an XT250?

    Been stuck at home with a cold for a few days so have been surfing a lot and looked up light weight dual sport motorcycles. The XT250 caught my eye. It seems to have many of the advantages as the TW200 such as sub-300lb weight, low cost, and low saddle. Beyond the TW, it has EFI (I know not everyone wants EFI), front/rear disc brakes, higher HP, and a higher capacity fuel tank. The advantage of the TW seems to be possible better behavior in sand and mud as well as better looks (the high front fender on the XT looks weird to me).

    My questions is, why not an XT250 over our beloved TW200?

    2015 - 2017 Yamaha XT250 | motorcycle review @ Top Speed
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    That's what I said, Why not?

    I rode my 2005 TW for 9 1/2 years. Great bike for going slow.

    After parting with the TW ..was only putting about 500 miles a season,,,I had the opportunity to ride a friends XT 250.

    Wow, It actually has some suspension. High ground clearance, low seat height, disc brakes, fuel injection (after 2012)... Slightly more hp..about 19...and it was better on the pavement.

    It took about a month to find a lightly used 2014 model.

    I added a skid plate, rear rack, hand guards, and was ready to go.

    One difference is the TW always draws a crowd.....and the TW has a better forum...

    The XT rarely draws a second look.

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    jbfla, I can see that big grin on your face behind that full face helmet, looks like you're having fun!

    I will admit that I waffled back and forth between an XT and a TW. Just bought my TW a month ago (used) and don't have enough time in the saddle to give my full opinion on it. The TW is definitely more eye-catching but that wasn't my only reason for buying it. The huge tires and the reputation for being a bullet proof 'two-wheeled quad' is what sold me.

    I think either bike would be great to have and I really do like the newer fuel injected XT. It's amazing that the TW had been around for 30 years with very few changes made, that should tell you something for sure....

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    Like many here I could have gone either way. Just felt the quirkiness of the TW had an ever so slight advantage for me. I was close to pulling the trigger on a used XT the same week I bought the TW, the $$ being almost exactly the same. No regrets. Best scenario would be one of each

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    Both bikes are pretty rare around here, when a TW comes up for sale, they do not seem to last very long....if you are on the forum here, you have all the right reasons why they dont last long, lol

    The XT is an amazing bike, and when they come for sale, they seem to hold their value closer to msrp a good bit more, and people are putting and premium on them price wise, you can find a nice tw around here for 2000-2500, and its hard to find an XT under 3k, usually 3400-3800 is the asking range....with some still asking on the 4's.

    To me the XT is a regular dirtbike/dual sport and doesnt have the character of the tw. And if i were going away from the tw and paying what people are asking for the xt, i might consider other bikes like a drz's, klx's or maybe even a crf, not sure. But the FI on the newer XT does get my attention. I would love to ride one no doubt and see what its all about. I dig the look and styling of, they catch my eye, but like JBFLA said, it might not catch a lot of other peoples eye.

    If i am going to rip some known trails, i grab my drz400, if i am going out to adventure, ballhoot through the wood with no plan or set route, i grab the tw.
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    Why not eat McDonalds instead of Taco Bell? Why not wear Adidas instead of Nike? Why not drive a Ford instead of a Dodge?[jk that's dumb.] Why not rent instead of own? Why not wear blue instead of black? Why not get a girlfriennd instead of a string of one night stands? Why not Coke instead of Pepsi?

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    Only you can answer that.
    I had an xt 225 and prefer the TW.
    I gave the WR250 to my son as the TW is a better trail bike, WR hands down a better highway, FSR bike.
    As Jut8 does, I would scout out trails on the TW, before I would attempt them on the WR.
    A DSBC member I ride with went from a husky 650 to the XT250 along with CB500x and is now on an African twin.
    He found the XT great on the FSRs, though he went a bit slower, but it sucked on the Tarmac. Visa versa with the CB, so he is now trying the African twin.
    It all depends on the type of riding you want to do and how the bike performs for you.
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    I have had 3 TW's and now have a 2014 XT, the TW has 12 hp and the XT has17.5 hp. so far, the XT can do everything that that TW can do but better. however, the tires are wearing out quicker on the XT and the TW gets a little better fuel milage when going slow. I like the TW's cleanable air filter better than the throw away filter on the XT. The XT is better on 55 to 60 mph highways than the TW, but not by much.That is where the FJR and the BMW really shine. I do miss my TW for it is a truly a rugged bike that you could knock a train off of the tracks with it and keep going and the TW200 forum is the best forum there is.

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    The XT250 has a lot of good features.
    Holding another gallon of fuel is a big plus, but with the fuel pump, you can not run it dry, as you can with a carb.
    The XT seat appears narrower. How is it for 50+ mile trips?
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    Quote Originally Posted by methamphetasaur View Post
    Why not eat McDonalds instead of Taco Bell? Why not wear Adidas instead of Nike? Why not drive a Ford instead of a Dodge?[jk that's dumb.] Why not rent instead of own? Why not wear blue instead of black? Why not get a girlfriennd instead of a string of one night stands? Why not Coke instead of Pepsi?
    Answers: Taco Bell, Nike, Ford, own, black, hmmm, and Coke (Zero).
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