Harley-Davidson Introduces New Model – And it's Not a Cruiser!
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Thread: Harley-Davidson Introduces New Model – And it's Not a Cruiser!

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    Harley-Davidson Introduces New Model – And it's Not a Cruiser!

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    Not a cruiser? Are they sure?

    My problem with the Street line: While all Harleys are sold on coolness and nostalgia factors rather than being a 'good' motorcycle, the quality of the bikes themselves is actually quite good. The Street line on the other hand is built to a price to enter foreign markets and it shows. Everything about them seems *to me* to be of the cheapest grade possible while still being good enough to outlast the warranty. It's to early really to say now, but I seriously doubt they'll doing 100 thousand miles with no problems like the other Harleys. Just my two cents though.

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    Bring back the Moto-Cross bikes......Just kidding.

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    750 blah......
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    I don't even consider Harleys motorcycles.

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    I think "750" is it's dry weight... It is a Harley after all.
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    Go test ride a 750.

    I did. Nice bike. good power. Handled well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty Blackstone View Post
    Go test ride a 750.

    I did. Nice bike. good power. Handled well.

    Take one apart. You probably be less impressed. The only thing that engine shares with the vRod is the 'Revolution' name. From what I've seen I definitely would not even come close to considering it when there are several well made Japanese middle weight cruisers built with actual quality.

    If it were my money, I'd get a Bolt C Spec [or a Triumph Speedmaster- but that's Sportster money, not Street money].

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    Heres my Harley Non Cruiser.
    1999 Buell M2 with 1203 Harley Evo engine with a tad more than 47 Ft pounds of torque,
    Seems like Harley didn't like Eric Buell,
    Lets look at Harley,
    Hire Buell,
    He designs the best handling Harley the FX series,
    He healed and buys tons of Harley engines and transmissions,
    Harley buys Buell shares tilt they own 51% or more,
    Harley says they want to concentrate on cruisers,
    Then part ways and stop selling Buell engines,
    Buell goes to Rotax and builds some serious bikes,
    Now harley wants to build something "Sporty?"
    ~ ~
    I like my Buell,
    I also like my 84 Harley FLH,
    For the time being,
    Ill stay with carburetored bikes,
    Peter B
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