Diesel KLR
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Thread: Diesel KLR

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    Diesel KLR

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    That's the motor in my boat.
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    The Army has been using diesel KLR's for years. Theory being every other army vehicle is diesel so fuel is always available.

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    The army version is much better and also multi fuel.I just thought it was cool.One of our tractors at work has I believe the same engine.

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    "Ever wish your Kawasaki KLR 650 was more like a diesel engine? Ha, yea, neither have we! If you've ever..."

    Yes. Yes I have. I would love to have a diesel motorcycle.

    HDT was originally going to sell diesel KLRs to the public after they made enough for the government, but instead they filled out the MARSOC order and then said fuck it I don't wanna. I definitely would have bought one.

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