Interesting bike......
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Thread: Interesting bike......

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    Interesting bike......

    Or maybe not....I'm new to bikes but have read pretty much everything TW-related I could over the last 6 months but had never heard mention of the TW's smokey and stinky 2-smoke cousin, the DT200.
    Never imported into the US. Likely y'all didn't want it because it was all red & white, but there was no blue. ;-) I'm looking at this '87 that's for sale 10 minutes away from me and thinking.....hmmmmm. Also wondering what sort of a brappy little mosquito-fogging beast a TW could become with some DT donor parts..... if I only had the time, space, money, brains.... I started looking at pictures of other DT200's and there's actually quite a few things that look like they'd bolt right up.
    Top speed on wiki is listed at 101.25 mph. I'll let that sink in for a minute........
    A 100mph, road-legal, fat-tire, 4-stroke, 6-speed......TWT200. Shut ALL are thinking it too....

    Anyway...thought I'd share because here where I am, it's still snowing and I'm bored. Apparently an actual dumping of snow is forecast for this Wednesday. Awesome...


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    Looks a lot like the same engine that was on the RT180 or IT200. Really peppy little engine that had a lot of fun potential because it wasn't overbearing in any way. Very tame. listing a top speed at 101.25, The RT was going to leave a lot to be desired as I feel the DT will too. Neither KTM 250 in my shop will run that fast nor will the Banshee, all of which Im sure are more than capable over overpowering or overtaking this machine. If the price is right though, looks like something I would be trying to bring home myself
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    I like it. I would be proud to ride that thing. A long time ago, I had a DT250. Two stroke enduro. I'm thinkin' 101 mph????? Don't think so.
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    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ehh?
    I should clarify...I have only been able to ride the TW 3 times before winter set in, and I'm STILL waiting for it to get good enough to take out. I'm not looking for another bike, but happened to see that one while checking for gear-deals.
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