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Thread: Rokon SUCKS

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    Rokon SUCKS

    I decided it was time to exercise the Rokon. I had planned on a fairly extensive ride but this 1950 technology was not to let me. After about 2 miles There was a terrible chain and sprocket noise so I immediately stopped. I could see that the front chain from the miter gear at the steering head to the front swingarm was off track. I had a reasonably full tool kit so I got to work and took off the forward chain cover. The upper sprocket was off the shaft. The roll pins that secured it had worked out and one was broken. The only tool I lacked was a hammer but a car stopped and loaned me one. I was able to remount the sprocket and chain and tap one of the roll pins into place. At low speed, ( even slower than normal Rokon speed I nursed it home only to have the sprocket dismount as I got there. I removed the sprocket and punched out the remains of the roll pins. I took the sprocket in to the Ace hardware and bought 2 of the correct roll pins. Back home I remounted the sprocket and tapped in the two roll pins until they met in the middle as they were supposed to. I figured I should probably add some spare roll pins to my repair kit so off to the hardware I started. At about 1 mile, I heard the start of that dreadful noise again and stopped in the middle of town and dismounted my wheelchair and dug out my pin punch and hammer. ( I had brought a hammer from home) and put it back together again. I left off the chain cover so that I could watch it as I rode the last 4 blocks to the hardware. I could visibly the roll pins coming out after only 2 blocks. I stopped and tapped them back into place, and went on. 2 blocks later as I parked at the hardware, the roll pins were again out of pace and the sprocket off.
    In the hardware I selected a grade 8 bolt and a unlock nut. Remounting the sprocket, I secured it this time with the bolt and nut. I rode home with the chain cover off and was happy to see that it had held together this time.
    This machine has only a total of about 200 miles since new and was totally disabled by the sprocket falling off because when this happens it jambs up the front wheel so that it cannot rotate.
    Tomorrow I will telephone the Rokon designer and discuss his ancestry, IQ, sexual habits and those of his mother and what ever she practices them with. Rokon is a ripoff. I have ongoing head shake problems and a speedometer that failed at 90 miles. Now this. I cannot understand how they have stayed in business for nearly 60 years with this kind of lack of quality. I guess they haven't run out of new buyers because I seriously doubt anyone would buy a second one.
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    See my post in your other duplicate thread:
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    It really was worth reading twice for me.
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    Thread continued here -

    Closing this one to avoid confusion ....
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