DR650 Sidecar Adventure Bike!
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Thread: DR650 Sidecar Adventure Bike!

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    DR650 Sidecar Adventure Bike!

    Ran across this on CLIST Mendo co. Just looked way too cool or weird not to post! m.

    '91 DR650 with sidecar set up for adventure riding. 6.6 gal tank, dual batts, 70 amp crank driven alternator, SB brake lines, DR350 wheel/disc on sidecar, driving lights, much more. CA title, current reg. Call for more info/pics. No texts.

    adventure bike_1200x900.jpg


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    Crazy cool. How about that exhaust?
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    And the suspension on the rig wheel.
    I also see a disk, but not sure if there is a caliper.
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    I ran a DR 650 for 9 years with a Ural hack on it. Good off road and good on road. I had the sidecar brake rigged so that I could vary the pressure it provided
    by moving my foot around on the pedal. This would change the percentage of braking power between the hack wheel and the back wheel.
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    Nice find Mike. I could almost get excited about a sidecar set-up like that. Then I think why not just get a Samurai? I almost bought one like this in classic Tonka livery only it was a full hardtop with the big 2 ft wind-up key on back where spare tire goes. Too cute, but too overpriced. Tonka.jpg
    I suppose a little more cargo room could always be added on...images.jpeg
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    I agree Fred the Samurai is a great little rig. Actually one of the easiest engines I've ever worked on. And the little thing will go almost anywhere.

    Sounds alot like a bike we all have a fondness for.
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