Anyone want one of these?
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Thread: Anyone want one of these?

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    Anyone want one of these?

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    Junior Member blowingupjake's Avatar
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    Heck yes! Just the idea of a silent dirt bike is great... Fisherman, hunters and nature photographer's could all use one.

    Love it.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    I would love one, but I said that about the HDT KLR also. Probably won't see it available to the public in my lifetime.
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    Special Forces may eventually get something like this, the Silent Hawk prototypes are not currently slated for production nor deployment. Currently they are just another DARPA research program which provides funding for a collaboration between Alta and Logos Technologies.
    Deployment would also depend on the troops on the pointed end of the stick accepting taking these 350 lb marvels on insertion missions. I could anticipate concerns that if enemy is close enough to hear you they are close enough to pick vulnerable riders off with small arms fire. No provisions for extracting casualties could also be a concern; our troops don’t like to leave anyone behind.
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    I was researching quiet bikes before I got my TW and found this. I'm very interested in it. Of course, you can buy a Zero right now if you don't care about gasoline. I'll get one when there is a significant improvement in battery technology.
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    I want one. I want the hang glider attachment to go off cliffs and a parachute attachment so I can jump out of a plane. Of course it needs the missile launchers on the side of the forks.

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    SF already has dirtbikes and ATVs at their disposal. I wouldn't be surprised if something like this got fielded, assuming it meets their actual needs.
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    I noticed the Christini setup right away. 350 lbs is hefty but worth it for all the bells and whistles....What surprises me is they worry about belt drive, have they never heard of an AG bike that uses an enclosed chain case? Surely it wouldn't be that hard to enclose a belt drive? I wonder how heavy the electric drive is? If it can do 80mph on E-drive then it must be at least 30lbs
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