Im nuts, 1966 Honda cub c100 comes home
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Thread: Im nuts, 1966 Honda cub c100 comes home

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    Im nuts, 1966 Honda cub c100 comes home

    I may be losing it,
    But I found this locally, Last inspected 1979, It does run and drive but I will go thru and do all oils and check everything over while waiting for the title to come back in two weeks, Then Ill toss antique tags on it,
    50cc 4 stroke with 3 speeds but no clutch, The tires must be nearly 40 years old, So maybe ill replace them too,
    Quiet little bugger,
    I didn't know much about them, But I read that the Honda cub is the longest produced bike in the world,
    Here the cub as it sits today in the yard,

    Peter B

    After some adjusting, I drove the thing around today for 15 min or so,
    Odd after sitting for over 35 years, Some lube, Cleaning and a bit of fresh gas it runs so easy and smooth,
    With 50CCs and 2.5" of suspension travel it will be a fun local errand getter as long as I don't need to go faster than about 40 Mph,
    Its like a new Honda Ruckus, "To me" anyway,
    Heres a short clip.
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    Great find!
    Would you mind saying what you paid for it?
    "Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death."
    - Hunter S. Thompson

    “It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow”.

    "The less horsepower a motorcycle has, the more it can teach you.” - Ben Bostrom

    And though a mountain may rise up and smack the livin' shit outta me,
    and wad up my bike somethin' awful...
    Still, I rise!
    (With apologies to Maya Angelou)

    "Give a Damn"
    - C. M. Howe, Jr.

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    Pred, you will not be the first to be smitten by the Cub.
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    2003 TW200 "Betty Boop"
    2006 TW200 "Nibbler", a.k.a. “Mr.Gizmo"
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    I have never owned one or even ridden one but the Honda Cub and especially the Trail 90 make me crazy when I see them. Nice find pred.

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    Was the first bike/scooter I ever rode on and apparently launched a lifelong spark for motorcycles.
    Congrats Pred, those little bikes are getting and actually have been very collectable for a few years now. Lot of them out there stashed away in garages and sheds.
    How are your sidecar skills and beagle puppy doing?

    My cousin Jim sometime (I'm guessing) in the early to mid 1960's. This was "it".
    Jeez, it looks like it could be the same bike, look at that seat.

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    It IS the same bike.
    I blew out the steering damper on the sidecar rig so waiting for a new one to come in,
    Beagle has no worries about being in a crate and in the side car, I think she kind of likes the couple short rides we took, She's a good beagle who just found that she had a howl and bark last week,
    The Honda Cub 50 is actually a pretty cool little ride !
    Ill get antique tags in a few weeks and hopefully ill have new tires on it by then.
    Ill grab some Pup pics zoo too.

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