TW200 vs XT250 above 10k Altitude
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Thread: TW200 vs XT250 above 10k Altitude

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    TW200 vs XT250 above 10k Altitude

    I've read through multiple threads comparing these two bikes, and I'm still torn between them. At 5'8", and 200lbs, as a new dirt rider, seems like either bike would be a load of fun.

    But I thought I'd ask a specific question to get some final input.

    I'm going to be riding forest roads and high passes around the Colorado I-70 ski corridor. Won't bother trying to highway drive either.

    Altitude will always be above 9,000, but below 12,000.

    Any thoughts on whether or not that would throw the edge over to the extra 50CC and Fuel Injection?

    Love the look and style of the TW, but worried the altitude might be too big of an issue for it.

    Doubt I'd ever do anything hardcore/technical in terms of trails.

    Any thoughts appreciated!

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    The fuel injection will allow you to ride at different altitudes without any adjustments.
    With the TW you may need to play with the jetting.
    My TW is jetted perfectly for where I live: sea level to ~ 3000 feet.
    At Moab 4000 + feet I do notice a power loose on the hwy, but I have had no issues with the trails.
    If you get the TW jetted for the 9000 ft range you should have no issues.
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    I took my 1989 TW up Mt. Evan's in Colorado last week.
    At 14,265ft I guessed it was probably as a good a test as any. Like you, I ride mainly in the mountains at around 9,000ft, but occasionally want to go over the high passes. (Next up is the Old Fall River Road in RMNP tomorrow).

    Prior to doing this, I replaced the OEM jet with one more suitable for high altitude (based on advice from this awesome forum) and my bike did great. Close to the summit, it meant quite a lot of gear changes as I could tell it was struggling a bit, but who wants to zoom up there anyway what with distracted tourists, switchback corners and not a barrier in sight?

    Anyway, this is the jet I replaced mine with:
    10-288-14343-55-00 (110)

    As reference, I am 157lb, so I can only speak for myself.


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    Thanks guys ....yup....Mt. Evans would pretty much top out my altitude
    I do assume I'd have to jet it for 9-12k.
    Most of my riding would be in summit county.

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    Welcome to the forum, Cleon!
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    XT or TW? It’s like a fork in the road, each will take you in a somewhat different direction. To a certain extent each option will determine what style of rider you become assuming you play to the differing strengths of each bike.
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