need a bigger rear sprocket
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Thread: need a bigger rear sprocket

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    need a bigger rear sprocket

    My Van Van has a 46 tooth rear sprocket in 5/20 pitch. I would like to change for a 54 or 56 tooth one but the dealer says they don't make them.
    Do any f you know of a sprocket manufacturer the would be able to supply me with one?
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    Here's a couple of 54's for you Phelonius. How are you enjoying that VanVan?? How about sharing with us the plans for the hack? There are 56's available too.

    motorcycle sprocket 54 tooth, 520, racing, hillclimbing ,dirt racing, motocross | eBay

    Vortex Rear Sprockets: 40-54 Tooth
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    phelonius how about a review of the VanVan in comparison to the TW ?
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    The Tw is a better off road machine, If your going to ride civilized stuff like paved, gravel, groomed dirt roads, park grass etc.
    The Van Van is much superior. It is quieter in both engine noise and mechanical noise, and the tires DON'T hum or wail.
    It has a better saddle, far superior to any dual purpose machine out there. Better saddle means more hours riding without discomfort.
    Speed is about the same although I haven't got her broken in yet. There are as not many aftermarket things that fit yet, remember the TW has been on the
    market relatively un changed for 30 years. If you ride your TW on pavement I recommend using the tires that come stock on the Van Van.
    After I get the hack sorted out, I might look for an automotive tire for the rear and a sidecar tire for the front. If I can find such it would mean not only better handling
    but I wouldn't need to change tires for about 30,000 miles. I base this on a 650 Suzuki with sidecar tires that I rigged up many years ago.

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