Listen To Your Motorcycle
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Thread: Listen To Your Motorcycle

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    Listen To Your Motorcycle

    I had been putting off some minor issues I was having on my Ural all Summer. Back in July when it was Hot, Hot Hot I changed all three (3) U-Joints and what is affectionally called the "donut", the rubberized disc that transitions between the gearbox & propellor shaft (drive shaft). There is what should have been a pretty simple "phasing" of all the shafts when buttoning everything back up but I had a very difficult time and ignored a few other minor things I wanted to do.

    I'm not going to get into what needed to be done but removing the fuel tank and opening of the Rats Nest (Headlight bucket) was involved. I hate doing either but resolved everything and more. The 2 issues lead to what could have been bigger problems so thank-goodness I took care of them and didn't end up stuck on the side of the road someplace.

    Finishing up yesterday and putting everything back together I figured while the tank is off (sucks to do on this bike) pull the petcock, clean it if it was dirty and flush the tank. This tank was installed only 3 years ago. I'm certainly glad I did:

    Don't ask.

    This really surprised me. Some obvious paint like chips from around the fuel cap area.

    But a lot of it was very fine debris from or formed in the great ethanol gas we get in this country. This is why I add in-line fuel filters on all my bikes. The petcock screens don't get everything.

    What it's supposed to look like. The debris was creeping up the lower "reserve" screen. Didn't affect riding the bike at all. But it was going to soon.
    The TW tank is so easy to take off. Next time you are low on gas go drain the tank and check your petcock and screens.

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    Wow, good thing you opened her up, that is some clog the carb and filter gunk! I'm going to add an inline filter this week. I have a plastic Clark tank so no paint or rust issues from that end - but, who knows what you're getting at various fuel stations. Thanks

    just ordered these

    2 New In-line Clear Motorcycle Fuel Filter 90 Degree L Angle 1/4 US Seller | eBay
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    Looks like lifting the t-shirt and flashing the twins

    paid off
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    Nice bit of padding you have there .....
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    Cool Ural. Is it an older model? Is that a hand shifter? Just curious.
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    I added the hand shifter. It is for Reverse and Neutral only.
    There is another type that you can use to shift all the gears but not for me... I like having my hands on the handlebars of this beast all the time.

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    Stagewex... Bring that cool Ural down to New Oxford on the 16th.
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