fat tired 200 bike for 600 dollars.
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Thread: fat tired 200 bike for 600 dollars.

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    fat tired 200 bike for 600 dollars.

    find this at your local Wal-Mart. 200 cc lawnmower engine mounted in a no suspension frame with a hard seat only 600 dollars. has anyone ever rode one of these?

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    I had a Heath Kit Boonie Bike back in the early 70's that looked like that. It was fun for putting around the back yard but not much else.
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    Never ridden one. Have thought about buying, but it would just sit more than I'd prefer.

    Of the many Youtube videos I've seen, it seems they are little torque monsters, going up inclines with no problem.

    There is a subculture/cult following of them. If you are interested, check it out from that angle for known issues, mods, etc.
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    Use the forum search, covered here a few times.
    QC is iffy. Most customers found that product arrived damaged from shipping which means once you put gas and oil into it you are going to have a real problem returning.
    Tractor Supply sells assembled off-the-floor. If you are going to jump in buy it assembled from someplace you can actually return it to for refund or exchange.
    Read the customer reviews very carefully and not just the one's on "Coleman's" site. Looks like a lot of fun if you get a good one or can sort things out yourself. I looked at some used ones in my area last May. They were either not running or repaired, usually the governor or bad welds. Made me change my mind about buying new. If a Manco Big Cat ever comes up in my area...
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    I have one I bought for $275 from a neighbor that was moving. Since it's so light I had thoughts of carrying it on the back of my Polaris Ranger as a way to get back to my truck in the event of a breakdown. I've only ridden it maybe 3 times up and down the street to make sure it'll still run. I don't know if it's just mine but the governor will only allow it to do about 15-20 mph and it surges quite badly. I wouldn't recommend buying one. There are videos on youtube about disconnecting the governor but I don't think that's a good idea as the poor handling could get one in trouble with more speed.
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    There are a lot of us here who started out on motorized 2 wheelers back as kids. I remember those days very well and all fond memories. I certainly would not want one today but if I had young children this is what I would start them on. We had a complete blast riding them until they broke and then we all started learning the art of fixing them. Fast forward and there is nothing on a TW that scares me to dive into repairing it. IMO these are real nice kids toys and nothing more. My very first mini bike was given to me with a blown engine. I worked like a dog to get a working engine in it and then rode the snot out of 2 more engines before I finally bought a real dirt bike. We lived right by an old RR bed that had the tracks and ties all removed and miles of great places to ride to with good fishing and swimming holes all over.

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    I had a minibike as a kid and it did 30 mph clocked by my dad on his motorcycle. It was fun until blue smoke puffed when ridden.
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    I started out on a Big Bear Scrambler minibike. (1967?)
    Smaller than the one pictured above, no fenders, no suspension, 3 hp engine, and slow.
    But it felt mighty fast with the dinky wheels, pathetic brake, and no suspension.
    An excellent bike for kids to learn on and have a ton of fun with.
    No clutch or gears to worry about and it is low and light so it is not scary, and it is so small and slow it can be great fun just riding around in an average back yard after school.
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