Review-Is this the future of dirt bikes? Husqvarna's fuel-injected 2-stroke
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Thread: Review-Is this the future of dirt bikes? Husqvarna's fuel-injected 2-stroke

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    Review-Is this the future of dirt bikes? Husqvarna's fuel-injected 2-stroke

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    Do you think we could fit that engine in a TW?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tweaker View Post
    Do you think we could fit that engine in a TW?
    Should fit with plenty of room to spare - but I'm holding out for the 300!

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    The Fuel Injection with oil injection and better fuel economy sounds great, but they totally lost me at 38 inch seat height. I stopped reading.

    That seat height is identical to their already too tall bikes. They can't be brought down to 33 inches.

    Not everyone can ride these to their full potential, I know I never would be able too, but having a real trail bike that's light, powerful, and easy to handle that has a decent suspension even if it has less travel (7 versus 12) is what 80% of all trail riders probably want/need.

    If they sold a version for people with a 28-32 inch inseam, I truly wonder which version would outsell the other? I installed a lowered seat (1 inch) on my Beta Xtrainer 300, lowered the fork with a spring and spacer kit (1-5/8") and Kouba lowering link (1-5/8"). I also run LOW tire pressures, 8 F- 9 R psi. I can barely get both balls of feet down with a lot of leg extension, no knee bend. Not ideal but doable. Can't say how many times I've dropped it due to this issue , 100 ?? I considering a rear shock spacer chip (lower another inch) and raising the forks in the triples (another 5/8 inch). Wish the manufacturers would turn their focus from MX so much but I know that's what sells to the young guys.
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    What would be nice is if they made it street legal with a lower seat height.
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    Problem I've seen with oil injection systems is when they work they are great, but... if they fail your engine is gonna pay and you wont know til its too late. Any machine I've always had with injection I've disabled and premixed. Not all 2 stroke oils work with oil injectors either.
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    I was expecting it to be direct injected, BRP seemed to have perfected that with the Evinrude E-tec. This engine is Transfer Port Injected.......

    The TPI bikes also have an oil system that's different from conventional two-strokes. No longer does the carb fill the crankcase with vaporized premix. As Viertlmayr explains: "The new bikes have a separate lubrication system, meaning there is an oil pump that is controlled by the ECU, and in the ECU there is a mapping that controls the oil pump. We can control the amount of oil that comes into the engine in every load and rpm condition."
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    There have multiple recent articles on this subject. Until it's settled I'll lose no sleep but it keeps one occupied during the non-riding season.
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    This may be new news for Husky, but the technology has been around for a few years. The Scorpa T- Ride uses it along with another of trails / enduro hybrids.
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    Sherco and Beta have the same style systems and they maybe street legal. But they are still going to be tall beast so my short legged self will have to pass.
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