Santa showed up a little late, XT250
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Thread: Santa showed up a little late, XT250

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    Santa showed up a little late, XT250

    Started on the forum with a 1996 TW200 but was never really happy with it on road. Would cruise nice at 50 but struggled after that. In my neck of the wood that's a death sentence on the road. Sure speed limited is 55 but that really means 65 at least. I've always been a high horsepower guy with bikes but that little TW brought me but down to reality. It still puts a smile on my face thinking about the fun I had in the woods. So I have been looking for something with just a little more snort.

    So today on CL is a 2017 XT 250 listed at a dealer for $2995. Of course I hit the safe for some cash and took off for the dealer, not calling ahead of time. Bike only has 397 miles on it with 6 months of warranty left guys says. After a little haggle he'll take $2800. So out the door with tax, lic etc it's $3017 for a 2017

    Just wondering if any of you guys have one and how you like it. I know this may be the wrong place but I sure hope it will do what the TW couldn't. It's currently -7 so I'm chomping at the bit to ride her. Maybe this weekend it will get above zero so I can take it out.
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    It will cruise nicely at 60-65 with stock gearing. 65-70 if you go 1 up on the front sprocket (as an added bonus, that will also correct the speedometer error...). For comparison, I considered the TW's max cruise to be 55 with stock gearing. I don't ride anymore, but I had a '15 XT for a couple of years, and really enjoyed it for what it was. I went one down up front and 60 was fine still.
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    Been thinking of an XT as well. Can't decide between the 225 and the 250. The fuel injection of the 250 would be nice for altitude but really like the idea of the 225's six speed. Most of my riding is on pavement with about 25 percent trail. Let me know how the 250 works out for you.

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    That's a really good deal you got there.
    Whatever "neck of the woods" you live in... nothing like that in my area for a 2017, or even slightly older when they come up.

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    I'm located in west WI. Have't seen a deal like this either, specially at a dealer. Heck this summer 10 year old XT's sold for that price. Think he needed some quick cash to cover bills, payroll or something.

    My hope is she'll "cruise" at 60-65 MPH. I'll post results if it ever warms up.

    Got her out of the truck today, here's a couple new pictures.
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    I think forum members SportsterDoc and Mountain Yawp have XT250's. You could PM them and ask for their opinions.

    I know SportsterDoc put some info here on the forum so you could do some kind of search.

    Here is a thread I saw at the bottom of this page in the "Similar Threads" section which might help jump start your search. Keep an eye on the Similar Threads as the titles might change as you search different threads and if people add information here.

    Why not an XT250?

    Good luck
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    Admiral is correct, I do have an XT250 along with my TW. Mine is a 2008, but the only real difference is that it is carbed instead of your FI. It is a good bike and can do an indicated 75 mph without problem if it is flat and not really windy. An actual 65mph should not be a problem unless it is a steep hill.
    And you got an amazing deal on that bike.
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    Good or you. A new bike is the best feeling a person can have. Being too cold to ride only builds anticipation
    I thought differently about the XT when I read here about the guy that rode the TAT solo on a XT and rode it back home. The have to be tough little bikes to pull something like that off
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    Congratulations. Sweet deal.

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    This forum is not the wrong place to ask. When I got mine, there was not much online to research.

    The air box mod did not do much for my 2018...I like to experiment, but would not do it again,

    Mine would do up to an indicated 82 MPH, which was probably a true ~74 MPH.
    Doing an indicated 70 MPH was no issue.

    The FI was flawless.

    Some engine noises (balancer?) are "normal".

    Compared to a TW, it is very easy to do rooster tails with the XT...intended or not.

    It is also easier to dump a XT compared to a TW. However, it is made to take it.

    Stock seat is more comfortable than a TW, such as 160 mile day rides.

    You got a fantastic deal!

    Mine got traded on a CB1100 (2,800 miles since Nov 7), but that was no reflection on the XT250 itself...I was just settling into retirement! 1500 miles, Sep-Oct on the XT250.

    3-Upper Joe May Road.JPG
    7-Deer Creek Road.JPG
    Deer Creek Road 9 Nov 2017.JPG
    Deer Creek Road N of Robber's Roost 28 Nov 2017.JPG
    Gunlock State Park.JPG
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