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    I had a 2009 KLX for about 6 years. I used it a lot for hunting, but found it unsuitable for packing heavy loads on steep and rough trails. The internal gearing seems to be more suited for road use. First gear is very high. I geared it down what I thought was a good amount but it still didn’t have the low end power or useable power to come out of a sharp turn and up a steep bank without having it running at a higher RPM and about 16 mph. With the RPM’s running high my speed was way too fast for the heavy backpack of elk meat I was carrying and flying off the trail or killing the engine if I lugged it was a somewhat common occurrence. It was a nice bike and ran well and had adequate suspension for the price. It just wasn’t the tool for the job. It was more of a pleasure bike to use on open trails, dirt roads and such.
    I found the TW is much more suitable due to its lower first gear, even with the stock gearing. The lower seat height also allows my 34 in inseam to place a foot down when in an awkward spot and avoid falling down a bank. The ability to have it idle in first gear at walking speed and have the low end power to accelerate from there is what I needed. I’m 6’4 and 250 so with a 100lbs of elk meat on my back it’s a lot to expect from a little motorcycle to do. The TW really steps up to the plate though.
    Different tools for different purposes. Both good in their areas. KJ is correct, it’s long overdue for someone to market a 350/400 besides the Suzuki.
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    100% agree. I love my TW and it’s 55 rear sprocket with Terracross tire. It’s my unstoppable goat. But I still want a nice 300 for faster things. Maybe someday but not anytime soon I guess.
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    When Adam first got his KLX I feared there might be some technical ride destinations we could no longer share due to the taller KLX gearing and less flywheel effect from lighter tires compared to his older TW.
    Such has not been the case so far...well maybe just a little bit on a few sustained loose steep rocky climbs where the TW can slow down and just churn its way to the top. Perhaps it's just my imagination.
    If anything the KLX'x superior suspension and Adam's riding skill has lets him leave me behind in the dust on most moderate terrains.
    So while the TW & the KLX have different strengths there is enough overlap to make a shared ride very pleasant.
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