My boys first bike.
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Thread: My boys first bike.

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    My boys first bike.

    This weekend I am picking my 6yo sons first bike! He will be getting it for Christmas. 2006 TTR50, some extras on it so he can grow with it a bit.

    I am very excited to see his face Christmas morning!!! The other night he asked me "What is Santa Brings me a dirt bike with no engine?" I laughed, seen a 2007 TTR50 w/out the engine and seat for sale on chraigslist, think I may just get it for parts, but it would be funny for Santa, not to install a engine.

    I am going to go threw the bike for next week just making sure every thing is 100% before letting him go on it, does anyone on here have experience with the TTR50 and what should be paying attention to while tightening it up?

    Thank you,


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    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, what a cool dad you are! I wish my dad woulda let me get one when I was that young or at least a mini bike or something...

    When I was 14 a guy down the street had a cherry/mint condition 57 Triumph hardtail 500 for sale for 85 bucks that came with 2 toolboxes full of tools, helmets and leathers.... I begged and begged and begged my dad, the answer was no and that was it.

    Your son will never forget that! I didn't either.

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    No training wheels.
    Add throttle stop.

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    my son is four, and i can't wait for another year or two for the same surprise! way to go
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    That's awesome, I'm sure he'll love it! You're an awesome dad and I'm sure he'll never forget this Christmas.

    My sons first bike is an 83 ATC 70 that we bought after he let out a heart breaking cry when I tried to take him off of it after a test drive when he was 1 year old. He's 5 now and can put around on it in first gear. We also have a TTR 90 and PW80 that my wife and I drive with our 3 and 5 year old boys sitting on the front. We'll eventually let them ride the dirt bikes but they need to learn how to balance and ride bicycles first.
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    Yeah, my Dad had me riding when I was 6 also. They didn't have decent small dirt bikes back then. So I had an old school mini bike until I was 8 or 9 when I got my first shift bike. Sounds like your just like my Dad. The best Dad in the world. My whole life was based around riding. Love to see a video recording of him getting it.

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    Awesome! take pics on Christmas day & share the joy!

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    how i got it Saturday:

    cleaning and taking junk off sunday:

    Did some ordering of parts, this bike was set up for an adult, trying to get it back inline for a 50# rider!
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    Once I get to place (geographically) where my son can ride, he's getting one too. Sharing the experience with your son is going to be a huge reward for you (me too when the time comes). Please keep us updated on the rides, needs for the bike, etc.
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    Way to go Santa! He'll never forget the best present ever.

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