air filter modification - help
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    air filter modification - help

    i have a 2003 tw200 . . . absolutely love it . . .

    i am interested in "cleaning up" the bike a bit and want to remove the air filter (and all of the plastic on the left side of the bike under the seat).

    has anyone done this type of modification and if so, what much smaller air filter have you used? any problems that you have run into or suggestions would be great. thank you in advance.
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    I recently did mine. The battery box is another story to deal with but you should be able to bend some sheet metal and rivet a box together to mount. Many people who have done the hollow mod have recommended using the K&N RU1780. Its big and red and looks tough, I hated it and it didn't work for me. No matter what air filter you use, the shock is simply too close to the carb to have anything fit, ergo don't throw away the rubber diversion tube when you remove the stock airbox. The problem with the k&n was that when attached to the tube, it was too heavy where it slipped on to the carb and would fall out on me when I rode. I didn't want to rig up some zip tie solution. Its also big and tended to hit my leg where it protruded from the frame. I cant remember what I have on now but I simply went to the local moto shop and ordered the smallest 'mushroom' type filter I could get that would fit on the rubber tube, and I spent $12 compared to the $45 I originally spent on the k&n.

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    when i did my first hollow mod i cut the original air box down and was just left with the part that holds the battery, i cut it in a way that i left the original attachment holes., with filter i did the same as r marsh, kept the 3" tube that connected it to the carb and just bought a cheap cone filter


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