In search of a bug screen....Not really a windscreen....
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Thread: In search of a bug screen....Not really a windscreen....

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    In search of a bug screen....Not really a windscreen....

    Have searched windscreen on this forum....Jimbos are cool lookin, but not sure if that's what will work best for my application....

    Receintly moved 100 miles farther north in to a county that is 600 sq. miles and sports over 500,000 head of cattle, so bugs are a big problem....

    Most of my riding is at slow speeds, but a swarm of Buffalo Gnats or flies at 50mph is like the neighboring rancher pelting one with rock salt.....

    Leaning towards the Slipsteam Viper, but the cool pics of an install on here have been taken down....

    Any other suggestions?

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    Try this google search. Adds to the search topics. ( Slipstream) or insert the search word or phrase you want to search for.

    Picture's show up for me in these threads posted below. Hope this helps in your search.
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    phone pictures 642.pngphone pictures 639.jpgphone pictures 638.jpg

    I just installed this one a month or so ago. The last pic shows the only mod needed is to trim the corner off by the tripometer knob. Otherwise it is difficult to reset the trip. This is the viper.

    I bought it for the same reason you are looking for it, Bugs. I only use it for longer rides at higher speed, in town I use the jimbo.
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