10/11/12" diameter rear true atv rim!
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    10/11/12" diameter rear true atv rim!

    Just getting started on this one. I believe someone else posted about a rear wheel conversion a long time ago, im doing a a different iteration of that project. I aim to fabricate onto the stock rear tw hub a bracket that will accept a 10/11/12 inch diameter atv rim that will be able to be offset to the right enough to run a 12 inch wide atv tire when it is offset or a 10 when it is centered. Just got the donor wheel out of the post today and cut through the spokes and started measuring. This will allow me a greater choice of tires and allow me to mount easily and run tubeless. Anyone who is looking for a 88 rear rim get in touch, I no longer need this one. Its white and a shade rusty, but solid and true. Free, you pay shipping from 99687 or local pickup in Wasilla or ANC AK.

    Check back for updates, ill post as I go along.

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    Great project, can't wait to watch the progress and see the end result!

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