Aftermarket Bars
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    Aftermarket Bars

    I'm looking to upgrade from my stock handlebars, but am not sure what I should get. I'm 6'2 and want bars that are 1-2 inches taller, and look better, then stock. I'm thinking about going with pro taper high atv bars, any suggestions?

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    I love my Pro-Taper SE bars. They are a couple inches higher and if you work at it and perhaps reroute your cables, you can get another inch or two with a pair of risers. That's about as good as it gets. Just the bars make a big difference over stock.
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    Im super keen on my 1986 honda fatcat bars. 3.5" rise, more sweep, and super kind feel when standing or sitting. At 6.0 these feel like they were made for me! Definitely reccomended. There are usually one or two sets of these on ebay, usually they need to be repainted. If you watch some of my videos you can see what they look like. If you do decide to go with the pro tapers, I have a brand new set that would be cheap factory blue paint. Ditched them once I got the hondas. (as an aside if youre running a Z triple or a bw200 triple? the pro tapers dont really fit into the clamps due to a conflicting clamp width issue).

    For the money, a set of taller bars and bigger pegs will dramatically improve the feel of your bike and make you feel alot more confident as a rider. Depending on what you buy you could get both those items for as little as $45 delivered or spend as much as maybe $125.

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