fabricater wanted for TW Trailer restraint
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    fabricater wanted for TW Trailer restraint

    I have plans to travel a lot with the TW in the back of a pick up to different areas of the country. Lookin to get away from the straps.
    I really like the Pit Bull system that uses the hollow rear axle of most bikes and pins. Unfortunately they don't work on TW'S fat swing arm and solid axle.
    Was looking to make something that utilized the rear passenger peg bracket but do not have the tools (or fab skills). Was thinking some bent aluminum tubing, bracketed and braced fixed to a flat aluminum plate that could be bolted down in the bed. Load the bike by steering thru the upright tubes, align with passenger foot peg bracket (with foot peg removed and some sort of reciever on foot peg bracket) that either pins or bolts in. Would probably use a front wheel chock also.
    Any ideas would be appreciated. Will probably be talking to local welders soon. Any body done or interested in taking on this project?


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    It may speed up your project ,but, what part of the country are you in ?. What make ,model of PU do you have .

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