Rattle Proof Fuel Bottle
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Thread: Rattle Proof Fuel Bottle

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    Rattle Proof Fuel Bottle

    A few days ago I had my MSR fuel bottle in my storage tube and noticed a fair amount of rattling while riding off road. I already had a piece of foam in the cap of the storage tube but it obviously was not enough to stop the rattling. So here is a picture of what I did.


    A few bands of rubber cut from a mountain bike inner tube. They are placed unevenly because that is where the paint was wearing off from the movement in the tube. This took up most of the clearance between the tube and bottle. Now I have a rattle free fuel bottle. Not a hi-tech mod, but the rattling was annoying. Just thought I'd share my idea.
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    Nice fix! It'll save wear on the tube and bottle as well.

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    Hi Scotti,

    I like this idea!

    While I never actually have noticed mine rattling, I did notice that the paint was wearing off the bottles. I used a couple layers of duct tape to accomplish the same thing, but your idea is simpler, cleaner and easily removable.



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    old bicycle tube ??

    good stuff !!

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    I slip mine in an old sock. It's a snug but comfortable fit in the tool tube and the end of the sock works both at a buffer against the top and a handle to pull the bottle out with. It makes a handy rag too.
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    I store my extra fuel in a 5 gallon can in the back of my wife's explorer Although with this setup I will have to walk to the nearest pavement to retrieve it because God forbid her new explorer get any dirt on it's wheels

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    Your wife's dictum reminds me of the old Miller Light ad that stated, "The only time that your neighbor's 4x4 is going off road is if he backs into his flower garden.
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    I checked my SIGG fuel bottle again and it barely moves in the tool tube. I doubt that I would hear it over the sound of the bike. the bottle is already aluminum so no paint to wear off
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