DG Exhaust installed, jetting done, a few questions...
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Thread: DG Exhaust installed, jetting done, a few questions...

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    DG Exhaust installed, jetting done, a few questions...

    Hello All,

    Thought I'd share a few of the modifications I've done and see if I could get some opinions. Bike is a, new to me, '05 with ~3,200 miles on it. So far...

    Changed oil and filter
    New plug - gap checked of course
    Cleaned air filter
    Adjusted valves
    DG O series exhaust
    Carb jetted - 132.5 main
    Needle shimmed - .052
    Backed the pilot out a total of 2.5 turns
    Installed rpm gauge (Hardline off Amazon for $22)

    Bike definitely feels stronger - and yes, it's louder but not terribly. I'm a bit large (225lb) and am doing ~6,000 rpm at 50 mph. I haven't done anything with the stock air box / filter and am debating if I should mess with it to get a bit more. Bike runs great through all gears and rpm. Starts and idles perfectly.

    I had a bit of valve tick before the valve adjustment and it's pretty close to the same after, not bad and I'm guessing it's normal. Not loud at all, just noticeable.

    2 questions...

    Should I modify the airbox / filter? Is it worth it?

    Is a bit of valve tick normal?

    Any thoughts are of course appreciated. Thanks for a great forum.


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    All good questions, my DG exhaust should be here Tuesday. I already have holes drilled in air box from previous owner and I think he may have tweaked the carb. Without the guts in the stock exhaust my bike pulls hard and strong, so Im not doing anything unless I get popping or lose the power I have now. Keep me posted on your results, I may need some help myself.
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    Hi Chris,

    I'll do that. I was after more power and the ability to do a non-clutch wheelie. Now it can, granted you've got to sit far back and yank the hell out of it to do it but it will. I'm pretty sure my carb had the stock jet (no marking on it) and the pilot was definitely set at stock as the cap hadn't been drilled out. I have to admit I'm one of those TW owners who'd kill for a 6th gear and 50 more cc's but love the bike regardless. I was actually pretty surprised when I made the changes and it ran perfectly on the first go - expected I'd have issues at some rpm and might need to go to a 130 jet as many have mentioned on the forum but as it turned out I didn't. Elevation has been mentioned quite a bit as a factor and I believe I'm at ~700 feet above see level in Northern Il.

    If you don't mind a little more volume you'll love the DG exhaust, definitely gives it a nice 4 stroke thump.


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    By the way, if you're looking for an rpm gauge that's extremely easy to install the Hardline I picked up on amazon is great. Took about 15 minutes to install and seems to work well.

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