Tanks Compatible with Pro-Taper SE ATV Highs
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    Tanks Compatible with Pro-Taper SE ATV Highs

    I'm thinking I jumped the gun on selecting new bars. I bought a set of black Pro-Taper SE ATV Highs on Amazon for $47 recently.

    I didn't read all the tank-swapping threads (there are a lot!) before I bought the bars and now it looks like the ideal setup would've been to buy risers instead.

    From what I've learned, without risers, the only over-size tank I'll be able to use with the bars I bought will be the Clarke 2.8 gallon for the TW and that risers are required for the bars to clear OEM and Clarke XT tanks (both 225 and 350).

    Is this an accurate summary? Thanks.

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    Mine clear my XT225 tank- not Clark.

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    I have the Clarke XT350 4-gallon tank with taller bars. I simply threaded a hex head self-tapping sheet metal screw pointed back and up 45* from vertical in the pipe on each side, creating an oblong mount. Ream the hole in the donut to fit, and the handlebars will barely touch the tank at full lock.

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