TW200 - Yamaha TT600 Hybrid?
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    TW200 - Yamaha TT600 Hybrid?

    Hello everyone!

    I just registred becouse I like the look off them and think these TW bikes seems to be real awesome bikes. Never saw one ever before. Dont think we have them here in Sweden either.

    What I especially like with these bikes is those enormous tires. Looks incredible cool, I think and I would like ro have it on my Yamaha TT 600 bike!

    Now my thoughts wanders about how my Yamaha TT 600 1987 would look and perform with these wheels on it???

    Probably one have to modify the rear swingarm or try to buy an original TW swingarm and try to put it in there.

    Does anyone here heard or seen somebody else making these modifications to an non TW bike, I wonder?

    Where could one get the mesurments of this TW swingarm?

    Thank you very much for any answers that could help me in the right direction!

    Have a nice day to you all....

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    How about a MT-09 Tenere or a MT-09 Scrambler?

    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

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    Just post what measurements you want and a lot of folks will answer. I will take some basic measurements and post here. Other folks likely will as well.


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    The rear wheel of the TW has been put on other bikes. Here are two:

    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Hi AlexanderR,

    give me a bit time and I will send a picture with all needed measurements.
    But I am sure, you have to make some spacers and/or put in different swing arm bearings.

    Regards, Sebastian

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