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Thread: Clarke tank for TW200

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    Pgilles has a point and I am in agreeance. The first tank I bought did not fit well at all. I was stupid and ended up drilling the hole "bigger". I found out the hard way NOT to do this, as the hole where our side cover tabs fit into, are hollow!!! It leaked after I was able to fit it on.

    I did send an email with a small complaint within. I was very lucky to have a new one sent to me for a discount, after returning the defected one that was then ruined completely (by me)

    The 2nd tank fit better but the right side is still reluctant to fit properly :/

    I have an 06'


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    Quote Originally Posted by AWBJr View Post
    I know I've seen it on here, somwhere.... Which Clarke tank are you talking about?
    This one, New Clarke Tank

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    I sent an e-mail to one of the supplier links re this discussion about Clarke tanks. I read with some concern about the - apparently - many problems with fit. I got this response yesterday:

    Hmmmm, I read a few posts and have to say many different variables come into play with a plastic fuel tank new or used. Then you start considering the variables of placing a new plastic fuel tank on a used bike that has many different metal and plastic parts that can expand and contract over time, get bent and damaged when the bike falls over or gets in a battle with rocks and trees, etc. Then you add in different levels of personal knowledge, technical experience (or lack of) and soon you can't make any educated decisions without a full-blown scientific study backed by statistics. I remember trying to fit a Clarke tank on my CR500 some time back and couldn't get it to fit properly. I contacted the factory and they said to simply blow some compressed air into it so it would expand the lobes enough to get it on the bike properly. It worked great! After a few weeks on the bike with gas in it it expanded and self adjusted to the then fit like a glove every time I removed and re-installed. I have a lot of other personal stories and customer stories but I imagine you get the point by now. I looked through our sales and we have sold 9 of these tanks since we started selling them in October and none of our customers contacted us with complaints or concerns. Knowing that you have done some up-front research and that you already have reservations, I am assuming you will be very critical of the fuel tank and installation. I am still willing to bet that we will have sold 10 of these fuel tanks without any issues. Of course if that is not the case, we'll be more than happy to take the tank back and waive the 20% re-stocking fee as long as it is a common color and is in original new condition (no gas). I am confident you will find this tank a great value for a off-road, race-quality plastic fuel tank. If not, at least you have the choice of a brand new steel fuel tank manufactured under strict tolerances. We look forward to serving you! Cheers,
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    One just needs to expect some finagling with the tank. Some might bolt right on, others may not. Don't expect the possibility of the problem to go away.
    Sold bike.

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    So is this still a problem 6 years later, or did they get it sorted out?
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    Same old problem still exists, but with a little finagling it will fit.
    Quote Originally Posted by yourdaguy View Post
    So is this still a problem 6 years later, or did they get it sorted out?
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    I have had my tank since 2010. No leaks anywhere. I noticed a blemish, but thought it was caused by the previous owner as it was purchased with 396 miles on it. I have 16340 miles now on that TW.

    My only problem is sometimes the cap lid is hard to screw down, I think it looks like it just needs to be cleaned, but I’d rather ride than mess with cleaning it.
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    I’m looking at upgrading my fuel tank on my 2002 TW. It mostly white with a blue frame and trim. Getting the extra gallon is the sole reason. I have a spare petcock so that problem is solved. Who would be the recommended dealer to purchase it through? Here’s a chance to give a plug to the dealers that deserve it.
    Priorities would be price and the ability to return it without fees if I happen to get a poor specimen. After reading about the white ones turning brown I think I’ll go blue. Are the plastic caps they come with adequate, or is the metal one worth the price they’re asking? Are they still having problems with the right side cover not matching up?
    Thanks for any advise.
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    I bought mine from Just Gas Tanks, they replaced the first "defective" one where the petcock wouldn't seal, told me to file the plastic flat.... I expect I'll be buying a metal cap at some poing, might as well but it now and get it over with. JGT did give me a discount for mentioning the group buy thread from here years ago, it's worth the phone call.
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    it's funny if ever there was a mold worth remaking properly it's the TW200 perhaps the longest factory production run in history and an ever growing cult following Clarke could have sold a lot more tanks if they made a perfect product including smoothing the petcock surface area before selling the tanks. It's still not too late and they could even advertise as "new and improved Gen 2" etc

    I doubt they will ever correct the issues so I always steer people to the XT225 or XT350 steel tank conversion
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