Clarke tank for TW200
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Thread: Clarke tank for TW200

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm starting a new topic thread to find out who purchase a Clarke tank and whether it fit or not? I just recently received a Clarke tank as a Xmas present and it did not fit my bike which is a '91. I'm not happy that he paid that much money for it and it not fitting. After riding with Jeff yesterday and saw that it fit his bike perfectly. After discussion, we were wondering what year everyone bike is? Maybe there is a difference between the years even though I heard from a lot of people that the TW200 hasn't changed much over the years. So I guess I'm curious to see how many rider got one and what year is their bike?.
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    It seems the differences are coming from the Clarke tanks and not the TW's. Seems like a manufacturing process(es) are throwing off the end product. Are there multiple molds Clarke is using where one produces a good product and one does not? Is there a specific temperature that the newly molded tanks must reach before being removed from the molds? What happens if that temperature isn't reached, are the newly produced tanks distorting while cooling? Are temperatures at which the tank is stored/shipped/etc. coming into effect at altering the shape of the tank? Are the molds properly designed to deal with thermal expansion? I would hope so, but maybe a newbie designed it incorrectly and it got through the checks and balances without getting caught.

    Molds aren't cheap. They may acknowledge a problem internally at Clarke but understand it's too costly to redesign/cut new molds, and that acknowledgement will never come out publicly, but is something we can only hypothesize about.

    My limited knowledge says no matter what stock metal tank you find (an '87 or a '95 or an '09) they will all bolt up exactly the same...which should prove that it's not a TW issue, but a Clarke issue.

    My 2 cents
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    Mine is a 2006 TW200 . The right side panel "button" is a little tight, but not a deal breaker.

    I am pleased with mine and enjoy the extended range.

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    On my 2005, the hole for the right side panel on the Clarke tank is about 1/4" off. Enough that the tab on the side panel won't go in the hole in the tank.

    Like HenryJ, it's not that big a deal to me. I like the tank, but have used it for only part of one riding season.

    I'm more concerned about the durability of the mounting points that Lizrdbrth mentioned. But I'm not losing any sleep over it.

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    put my new Clarke tank on y'day. Fits just right. Steve

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    First, thanks for the forum. I just bought an 87 and found on this forum lots of info and confidence in the TW200.

    After purchase I found out that I needed a new tank and decided to order a Clark even after reading about fit problems.

    The tank does not fit my 1987. The right side is wrong and the plastic does not fit. Looks like I will have to adjust the tank to the right ( mis-align ) and or bend the bolt to install the side cover.

    First time poster.

    First time TW200 owner.

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    My Muley is 2007 and the tank fits GREAT!
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    My 06 the left side fits fine the right side needs a little massage but it will fit, the bike needs a bigger tank if only for looks, but the extra range is great.

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    Tank fits on my 09 but I had extra side panels so I cut the tit off, drilled a small hole and ran a zip tie thru it. The tank would have had to have moved 3/4" back to line things up but even then the tank grommet is too thick for the side panel to lock into it. The tit on the side panels are made to pass thru the tank grommet and lock on the opposite side. Oh well I knew the risk going into this and like someone else mentioned clarke's white is not TW white it's much duller and darker. Now to go dry out, bubble wrap my stock tank and hide it so it stays pristine. (EDIT 2018) The tank is now a dirty tan color from the gasoline staining the tank.

    Might try something like this to hold the sideplates on if I can find the right size.
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    I know I've seen it on here, somwhere.... Which Clarke tank are you talking about?

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