O-Ring Chain Deceleration?
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Thread: O-Ring Chain Deceleration?

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    O-Ring Chain Deceleration?

    Hi guys (and gals),

    I just finished my first ride with the new o-ring chain. When I let off the throttle, the bike seems to decelerate much more quickly than before, almost as if it were engine braking. Chain tension seems to be correct.

    Is this due to the new chain, my imagination, or something else entirely? If due to the new chain, will this change or improve over time?


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    Yep, what he said^^^
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    I just got an email from Turborob and Kath. They are the Aussie couple who bought both of my TWs back in July and have driven them cross country in 4 months. They have logged over 10,000 miles so far. Both bikes left here with new sprockets and new DID X ring chains. Since this would be a good testament to how the chains are holding up I had to ask. Rob says they are doing great! He has not adjusted one at all and only adjusted the other one notch on the snails in over 10 K miles.

    If this real time/mile test does not convince you then nothing will. I only ever put 400 miles on the 1991 bike and with the stock chain in good shape. The bike had 671 original miles when I got it and just over 1,000 when I switched to new sprockets and X chains and sold the bike. I had to adjust the stock chain the day I got the bike and again after only 250 miles and it took two notches on the snails to get it in spec. 10,000 miles and no adjustment needed! WOW.

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    Check for rear brake drag when u try pushing the bike in neutral. My o-ring chain stretched out a few days ago after i was jumping the TW. My rear brake free play locknut and bolt had also loosened up to the point that my rear brake was being activated too early.
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    Thanks guys! Appreciate the advice!

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    I have recently switched to an o-ring chain, and the only thing I noticed is that I have less vibration. That, and I'm not having to adjust it all the time.

    Somebody please tell me what an x-ring chain is.

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    Possibly better protection with an extra layer of protection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryL View Post
    They have logged over 10,000 miles.............................. If this real time/mile test does not convince you then nothing will. ............................... 10,000 miles and no adjustment needed! WOW.
    Agreed -- WOW! What maintenance was done to the chains? Were they mainly/totally ridden on the street? I would think riding off road would be harder on the chains.

    Just an aside, my hypothesis is the stock chains that came with the bikes were never oiled before you got them -- just some rust preventative oil sprayed on at the factory. Under those conditions the chains will deteriorate very quickly, I figure starting around 200 miles and total junk at 1,000 miles.

    I wish someone would buy a brand new bike and before riding it soak the chain in 140wt oil and do it again every 300 miles and then report after 1,000 miles how well the chain is or isn't doing. Of course there will be oil fling and a mess and this may prove intolerable on a brand new motorcycle but it would satisfy my curiosity.
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