New to me TW..... what to do with it.....
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Thread: New to me TW..... what to do with it.....

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    New to me TW..... what to do with it.....

    So I finally pulled the trigger and bought a used TW. 7,500 on the clock and it runs awesome. It appears to be 100% stock:

    This poor girl appeared to have been left outside all her life. There is light surface rust on the swing arm and other misc bits. The plastics and switch gear are dulled. There is a slight pressure dent in the tank. The bars are slightly tweaked. Once I got her home I was mad at myself for just not buying a new one with zero issues. But that darn thing runs so well I can look past the cosmetic flaws. I never intended to keep the tank or bars anyway.

    I decided I was going to pull her apart, paint anything that needed it, and replace anything suspicious. At first, I thought I'd try to replicate the look of these scramblers (without the cafe seating):

    I like the purposeful look and minimalism. Chunky tires, round headlight, old school metal tank- I love it. I may still go that direction at some point, but for now I'm going to build a completely practical back road touring / adventure bike (Hwy sprockets, Happy Trails boxes, ATV bars, Clarke 4.1, etc). Alaska is on my bucket list so I will need the storage and fuel range. Maybe in a couple of years I will pick up a sister bike and go the custom route with that.

    I'd like to say thanks to all the posters and moderators on this site. Your builds are inspiring.

    I'd like to share two custom bikes I've helped to create through my mentoring program:

    Both were built on Suzuki Savages using Ryca kits. Two students each year torn the bikes down to the frames and built them back up themselves under the supervision of mentors. I am not a mechanic; I produce the program. You can see the builds on Facebook under "Spartan Bike Build." This year we switched to cars so more students can participate (Facebook under "Spartan Hot Rod"). We might do a car and bike next year.

    Below is me with my work bike and last year's student bike:

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    I think your bike looks pretty good for a 10 year bike!

    We are interested in what you decide to do with it and seeing build pictures.

    Thanks for your time and efforts mentoring students, they look pretty proud of their efforts.

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    You started saying "What to do with it". I say ride the wheels off it and then fix it up to what ever you want to make it. Do a bunch of reading here about various sprocket combos. You can play a little but for every change there is some slight benefit followed by disadvantages. One thing you probably can't do is make a TW fast. Back road touring and off road trails is where they belong as well as around town for running errands and just looking cool. There are countless changes one can do with a TW and most of that can be found in these pages. Find a few threads that show some of the bikes over in Japan if you lean toward the bobber and hollow mod direction. Getting much over 60 MPH with a TW is pretty hard to do unless you add some expensive ponys to the power plant.

    Have a blast and welcome to our addiction.

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    Project Manager Sophie is shown here inspecting some recent purchases. They include:

    ProTaper SE ATV High Bars
    Left side crankcase gasket
    15 / 47 spockets
    O-Ring chain
    chain breaker tool
    front and rear bearing (2 sets)
    strap rings
    BikeMaster heated grips
    Wide pegs
    Spark Plug
    LED taillight
    mini 12V turn signals (4)
    3600 lumen led headlight bulb
    high fender bracket
    black supermoto fender
    aluminum skid plate

    Not shown are the top and side racks from Happy Trails
    2 used Happy Trails aluminum side cases
    Clarke 4.1 gallon natural tank

    I still need some hand guards and a seat pad.

    This should keep me busy for a while.

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    Now I have to decide how far to take it down. My heart wants to strip it to the frame, paint it, and paint or replace anything that looks suspect during reassembly. But part of me says to leave the patina of rust and enjoy it for what it is. I think the latter.

    I will keep my eyes open for a really nice one to do a custom.

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    That's only two nights worth of tinkering, what then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbm View Post
    That's only two nights worth of tinkering, what then?
    Then he rides!

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    After doing more reading on this site, I fear the 15 / 47 set up will be too much. Opinions?

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    Unless you weigh 100 lbs, you may find it too much and not to your benefit. Try one or the other. One tooth up front equals three on the back. The back sprocket costs more, but is simple and quick to modify, you're choice. The front is cheaper, but you need a left side gasket and it's more work. Then go from there.
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    Scrambler it is. Click on that baby and see if it works for ya. It actually reminds me of my Steve McQueen machine.
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