does it ever end? rear shock doesn't seem so great
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    does it ever end? rear shock doesn't seem so great

    I've decided I don't really like the feel of the stocker rear shock. I seem to spend a fair amount of time on wash boarded fire roads and this thing just cant keep up! When I am rolling over them up hill the rear end chatter like hell and it feel like I put the brakes on not to mention the breaking in traction is doing some hellacious things to the drive terrain. Let me say that I weigh 130lbs clothed and the spring rate is great, but the dampening sucks!! I think I am gonna start the search for something better. I see the blaster and other atv shocks and they seem to be viable options. What ever way seems to be best needs to be adjustable. I saw the r6 shock and that has my interest. Does anyone know what the stoke was of this thing? I have no interest in changing spring rate, ride height, or travel rather just want some good dampening. Any how thoughts are appreciated and I gotta say that fork is being watched outta the corner of my eye as well. Looks like its eating up another pair of seals. I suspect the stanchions are not as good as they should be and I dont really want to spend the cash to replace them. yz85 forks???? who knows whats next and maybe I outta finish the 6speed first.
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    Ouch!^^ If I ever feel the need for a better shock, and I'm sure I will at some point, I'll look into having an Ohlins built to the OEM specs, sprung for my weight. I'd guess this would cost in the neighborhood of $400 to $500 by an Ohlins dealer. For now, the OEM with a replacement spring from Pro Cycle is working fine.

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    [QUOTE=vanillagorilla1;159772]I've decided I don't really like the feel of the stocker rear shock. I seem to spend a fair amount of time on wash boarded fire roads and this thing just cant keep up./QUOTE]

    Mr. V,

    I'm in the process of trying something I last saw posted by Werloc. 3/4" long pvc spacer in each front fork, and 3/8" thick spacer for the rear. Others have done this mod as well.

    The main reason I'm doing this, is to see if this type of thing can work. If it does, I'm gonna really consider the springs for the front and rear from procycle.

    I too have a really washboardy gravel drive way. I always try to avoid them because of the shake, rattle, and roll you mention. About 2 weeks ago, I completed the front spacer modification. Boy, I can really tell a positive change when riding over the washboards now with the spacers added. The real test will most likely be Moab this spring, but for now, as far as the front is concerned, this mod is an improvement.

    This weekend I hope to complete the rear shock spacer mod. After I get it done and complete a test ride, I'll let you know how it feels/handles on the washboard driveway.

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    Has anyone found a donor with a remote adjustable dampener from a different bike that would work with ours (i.e. BWM, KTM, etc)? The Quadstar one is a nice option, but that price is outrageous for the type of bikes we have, plus I don't think its remote adjustable. I would love to find something that would bolt up with only slight modifications and be rider adjustable (without tools) depending on terrain or cargo.
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