Aftermarket speedometer help???
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    Aftermarket speedometer help???

    hi there,

    has anyone found an alternative to the standard gauges on the TW's?

    i am trying to find an 'old school' style speedo set up that uses standard 12v bulbs for the warning lights, like the 225 has.

    can find many of the round chrome type on ebay and have tried them before but the ones the have the LED warning lights integrated will not allow the neutral light to work, i dont know why, i have tried the clocks on different bikes and it doesn't work, then direct to the battery and it comes on, so its not the neutral switch it must be the way the LED is wired up inside.

    am i correct in thinking that the neutral switch breaks the earth when the bike it put into gear?

    any particular model of bike to look for??

    thanks in advance
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    did you try searching the forum? i remember someone did a post on installing LEDs into a chrome bucket headlight.
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    12V standard > LED light requires load equalizer or it stays on all the time. The speedometer your looking for would be available from drag specialties they have both 12V standard and LED. Make sure to get the right speed ratio for your bike. You should ditch that stock console and get a Japanese aftermarket one. Its about two inches long with three lights on it. You can see it on webikejapan. Motorcycle Parts & Accessories from Japan - Webike

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    i have the webike page bookmarked already thanks, but find them rather expensive to be honest. (but i am in thailand where they can copy most things)

    i have made one similar style to the link you sent with LED's form ebay and some stainless steel, it looked ok but but as i said the neutral light won't work using LED, the load stabiliser you mentioned, is that the same as the inline type you use for indicators?

    the type of thing i am looking for is like a honda SL? or kawazaki KSR, not sure if you have those models in US….attached photos10949743_10155114692280156_381819517_n.jpg10937748_10155114693790156_1660159444_n.jpg

    looking for this style of speedo

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