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    K&N Air Filter

    This is what everyone is saying to buy. I live in Hawaii and there is lots of red dirt. I really wanna ditch the stock airbag and move toward the hollow mod. I think the sleeve will help and I'll be putting rear mud flap on as well to deflect any water. Will someone please give me Jet advice. Where to buy them, what sizes to get? I have an 87. What is the stock yet size?

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    my carbs had various size of jets, i think standard is 114, with a cone filter, supertrapp pipe( hollow mod) i found 120-122 suited my use, bit more fuel so it fires up as soon as i press start, before was bit of choke and turned over twice, also people mention altitudes so if it makes a difference I am in a tropical climate at sea level ,

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    Same as above. My 90 i just added the smallest cone filter that would fit. I originally bought the big K&N you have pictured but it sticks out on the side and i kept hitting it with my leg. 120 jet and supertrapp. Runs great

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