TW hawg ?
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    TW hawg ?

    well me wife's given up riding the TW - so its languishing in my yard.. I got a street 600 sorted nice naked ride for the city - there's any highway rides here - max is about 40 mins- and rarely taken. - my CRM250 is the right bike for the trails availlable here.

    for some reason I always ride the TW slow and slide right to the back - with my feet slightly forward - its a nice ride for my local country roads.

    what do u think the prospects are for making a more cruiser like sensation?

    would longer forks work ever?

    what about a slimmer front wheel?

    have I drunk too much moonshine?
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    The joy of a simple unit like the TW is that modifycation is not so difficult. You can pretty much
    do what your pocketbook and skill level would allow. Extended forks might be easy if you could source
    longer tubes from a different unit same with narrower rim. Lowering the rear shouldn't be hard perhaps
    even go rigid. Forward controls should be hard either. Careful on that first will handle different.
    Might even get what you want with just different handlebars and forward controls. Again all depends
    on how much you wish to spend.
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