*Prototype* Quick Release (change) Storage Box
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Thread: *Prototype* Quick Release (change) Storage Box

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    *Prototype* Quick Release (change) Storage Box

    So I was trying to find a use for these ---> QL-25 S Quik-Latch Mini Latch Fastener

    And had seen a storage box thread, can't remember where now, where someone had a pelican-type case with 3 screw downs on the inside.

    So I tried this with my not-so-infamous bright orange storage box that was once held on with three u-bolts.

    So I put 3 mini latches in the bottom...

    20150305_153627.jpg 20150305_153720.jpg 20150305_153654.jpg

    Installed the pins they latch to on here....

    20150305_153741.jpg 20150305_153820.jpg

    .....and I don't have a pic with it on the bike but you smarties can figure that out.

    So my plan in the future once i get to miami, is find a metal shop that can weld a plate on the underside of the rack covering all the open areas, even the small areas on the forward sides of the rack. Strategically place a series of holes within said plate so I can configure as necessary. All this so I can switch out different types of boxes with minimal effort. Looking to get a low height pelican type case, just to hold tools and smallish type stuff and then have on hand, a larger (deeper) box, for grocery-getting or bigger stuff.

    Its easy to operate, just press the center button to release, the button remains depressed (not in the sad, suicidal sense), and the box lifts right off. Installing, just line up and place a little pressure around each latch until it clicks. This box I have is currently really flimsy, which is fine for the time being, but it does flex while installed. A more rigid box will do better.

    A couple of considerations though, should anyone decide to go this route. I don't know how much stress these latches can withstand before they break. So if you had a rigid pelican case, say, 16x14x9, carrying a bunch of tools or something weighty and you hit a pothole and it bounced around enough, if the latches would give out....not sure. Also, Ill need to find plastic caps for the underside of the latches, so when not in use they are not getting wrecked.

    I have considered using these as a seat quick release system and could work, but will require some modification to the current mounting system on the frame of the bike. I have neither the tools nor the skills to do that, so I may do that at another time.
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    Someone here in the last week or so posted a link to an electronics store that had nice rigid boxes like Pelicans but at more affordable prices. Somehow I lost the link I had hoped to share with you. Can anyone help re-locate this post?
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    MCM Electronics, the brand is DuraTool.

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