Windshields: Are they worth it?
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Thread: Windshields: Are they worth it?

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    Windshields: Are they worth it?

    I just got a TW200 3 weeks ago. I havent driven at very high speeds yet, 45 mph is the highest Ive taken it. But even at that speed the wind was pretty bad. Do windshields make much of a difference. And is there a reason to get a tinted one?
    *2008 TW200

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    Hi Mr. McNacho. This is the one I have. It drops into two handle bar thingies and is tightened with a couple of thumb screws. I can install/remove it in ten seconds. Really. It is about a six mile ride to where I like to ride. I use the screen there and back. I leave it next to the trail with a note and so far no one has taken it. On the way back I pop it on and am home in a flash. In winter when the temps drop into the 50's it is nice for going into town for bike nights.

    It does not like to go over 55mph. In headwinds you know it. But for occasional use it is great. The handle bar thingies are totally unobtrusive.
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    Hi Taco,

    Just search this forum for Jimbo and you find countless endorsements for the Jimbo Shield!

    The color is strictly a personal preference. With the Jimbo shield, you don't actually look through the shield while riding, so the clear, tinted or solid colors are all potential options.

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    Jimbo smoke shield on my tw I love it

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    Jimbo blue on my TW, love it. Great for deflecting low branches and brush on the trails, just lay down on the tank and shield sends it right over!
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    This was one of my first add ons for my 2015, and it is " Goldilocks" to me. Gives just the right amount of air deflection off the chest, but still gets air to my helmet shield area, where I like it. I got the opaque black which matches perfectly with the 2015 paint scheme.
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    Our riding group of three dubs. have a different color for each one.. Luv um............So easy to mount.. OMM.
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    I have A Jimbo shield too, got it to support a forum member/vendor, and it's a nice addition but really doesn't do very much to block the wind at 55-60mph. You have to figure out what you will be using the bike for - for on-road, highway riding, it's a good idea to have a proper sized windshield in front of you to prevent injury from flying rocks and road debris kicked up by cars in front of you, as well as getting hit in the face or neck by large bugs. If you get hit by a rock or even a large bug at 50-60 mph it can be pretty painful. For the same reason, you should be wearing a full face helmet with a face shield. If you ride mostly off-road on trails or in the woods, the full windscreen is not that important and may even lead to an injury if you go over the front of the bike and catch your neck on the windscreen. There is no magic answer to this, figure out how you will use the bike first, and there are many choices for windshields that will fit the bike..
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    I put one on my ride not because of the wind but because of the rock trucks that drive on our roads. One large rock thrown at you at speed can ruin your whole day.

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    Hi Jim! Have you really been here 4+ years and this is your first post? ha ha Anyway, we love Alaska riders and their stories. Hope to hear more from you brother!
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